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AIRED: 08-26-2020

Epic Journeyman joins me to discuss his years of research & documenting a phenomena that is commonly referred to as the Mandela Effect. Epic first became aware of the seemingly fluid nature of reality when he found out that a movie he had once seen multiple times while working in a movie rental store in the 90’s never actually existed. This has led to him speaking to media outlets including the BBC about his experience & today he shares his vast research into something better termed MEMETIC ENGINEERING. We discuss what memetics is all about & how it may have been used on the masses as part of an mind blowing experiment.
We talk about the technology that may be employed in this vast operation, including CERN, the D-Wave & lots more. There is major news coming from CERN, which suggests they are now able to turn light into matter! Lots of quantum mechanics along the way, so hold on tight, this is a strange rabbit hole indeed, but my gut tells me that there is something, if not lots, to what Epic is suggesting.
This information is very extensive & intensive, so have a pen & paper ready to take notes so you can go and research some of the topics that come up in the conversation


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