Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Aug 27, 2015


Hi Everyone, 

As our long time listeners know, there are times in which the broadcasts, hosts, or guests are so wildly popular that the site gets overloaded and crashes Truth Frequency Radio.  Chris and Sheree are always quick to at least get the back up system running, if not full restoration, as we all know.  

Everyone can help in those times by listening on an alternative site that is carrying the Truth Frequency Radio broadcasts. The sites listed below carries our broadcasts:

Copy these sites or bookmark them so you can easily use them should the need arise.

Chris and Sheree has already addressed Chat help.

Chat Help

1. We do not support Internet Explorer. If you are using IE please upgrade to a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome.

– Click this video for further details.

2. “Error. Username Logged In” – you are logged in on either another device or with another session. If you are not logged in on another device you can hit “control + F5″ to refresh the page cookies. If that doesn’t work, clear your cookies.

3. “I can’t log in”. This is too vague. We can’t do anything about that. Try clearing cookies, upgrading your browser, or using a different browser.

4. If all else fails:  log in as a guest or create a new username.

In those times we are overloaded, the chat room can go down.  Again, one can use the alternative site for listening to relieve the load.  I personally have few problems. I am on a computer so I can use the link above on one tab, and use the chat room with out sound on another. I also ensure my cache is cleared before logging in.  I also find that using Opera or Firefox browsers best and so I never use IE.  I am not a fan of Google and don’t use it, so I cannot help with any problems on that. 

Now all that being said, there is another way folks can help.  Having backups available for those days of overload, will help.  Those backups require servers and they do cost money.  If you are enjoying Truth Frequency Radio you know there is no payments required. The Geo’s know and appreciate how important it is to keep the internet and information free. But it still requires money. Because this is a listener supported Radio, there are no advertisements or sponsors.  Sponsors like to dictate the content of the broadcasts.  That is absolutely intolerable here.  If you are listening and can do so, I encourage you to go to the donate page and donate, or become a member.

Thank You and remember:  

Where ever you are, make it TFR.