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Nov 03, 2013

food-stamps-cuts-banks-hunger-families-welfare-government-assistance-EBT-cards-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationby Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Natural News

The federal food stamp program known as the “Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program” (SNAP) has now been cut by a small amount — just $36 / month for a family of four. But even this tiny reduction in a national entitlement program is causing shockwaves across the nation as food banks scramble to handle the anticipated surge in “hungry masses.”

“Food banks across the country, stretched thin in the aftermath of the recession, are bracing for more people coming through their doors in the wake of cuts to the federal food stamp program,” writes USA Today.

There are almost 50 million Americans on food stamps right now. A family of four used to receive roughly $600 / month from the government, but that amount has now been cut by around six percent. The fact that this $36 reduction is causing so much panic underscores just how deeply millions of Americans have come to depend on government money to simply survive.


Are too many Americans on food stamps?

BBC News

As countless Americans lost jobs during the recent recession, the US government expanded its Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap), also known as food stamps.

But now, that stimulus money has expired and there is less cash to pay for the programme – even as participation is at an all-time high.

Republicans want to cut funding for Snap because they say the costly programme is being abused by Americans reluctant to look for work.

So what exactly are food stamps? The BBC breaks it all down in this short explainer.