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AIRED: 05-11-2021

Today we visit once again with Douglas Falk, a long-time friend of The Realm and author of “The Voyage”. As we wonder at the cycles and synchronicities that have brought us all to this particular juncture, we re-discover the natural creative process that LITERALLY coalesces this Realm around us.

–Is Heaven truly a place where there is no time, and we are all THERE? Like, NOW??
–“The kombucha mushroom people, sitting around all day…” Indeed, Dawn, indeed.
–“Using his marvelous stroboscopic polarizing filter he shows the boys a previously undetected satellite of the Earth, which he calls Basidium-X.” A beloved childhood book leads to, well…melted cerebellum. Apparently, you CAN write this shit…in the fricking 50s!!!
–3 bodies? Noooooo problem. Wait…what??

Chat Chit–
Enlightened Dawn:
​There is a song I used to love….. “the Kampuchea mushroom people sitting around all day….” something like that 😂

That Flat Fellow:
​When we read we use our imagination. When my friend read it she was able to personally visualize the proofs and that set her on her journey. A really great job Douglas

Alexander Lightwater:
​This week I came across the Liminal Threshold. It means that when you grow in consciousness, you are no longer what you were before, however you also are not yet what will become.

Alison Briscoe:
​they pollute we refute

Zombie Snoop:
​Walt this is why we need to be working on our cloud bursting !!!!

The Full Snunder:
…all bible thumpery!!

Alison Briscoe:
​my mom said we become stars when we die

website: douglasfalk.com

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