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AIRED: 10-28-2022

Alex Michael a/k/a Conspiracy Music Guru, or as he was known before his origin story was revealed, Flat Earth Man, joins us for the second half of our show, bringing lots of smiles with his fantastic energy. We dig deep into his creative process, how he went from a prolific eye-opening musician to a kid’s book author, and the various hats he dons for these projects (including a small hat from FE Dave, perhaps…?) We look at how truth, even with a bit of fame attached, can polarize people, friends, and family. He opens up about performance nerves vs the solitude of the studio.
— Trees are electric!!!
–MIT digs deep…12 miles deep.
–Multiverse shmultiverse.

website: www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZLQZMFF?binding=paperback&

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