Truth Frequency Radio

Jul 06, 2015

British scientists have announced the discovery of 5 new massive black holes that previously had gone undetected. This has led them to believe that black holes may well be far more abundant throughout the universe than first thought.


Black holes are areas in space where there is so much gravitational force that nothing can escape, not even light. I wonder just how much we actually know about black holes, or should I say, how much we are actually being told.

Ever since I was a child I wondered where all that light etc that is swallowed up actually goes. Could they be the entrance to wormholes that would enable us to jump/travel to distant locations in the universe? Sounds insane but it is very much a given when it comes the realms of space travel in the Sci-Fi movies. Yes, thats that movies, but how often do we talk of the fact that they hide the truth right in our faces, our in plain sight.

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