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Dec 14, 2020

Went back to Israel diamonds and they had just what I was looking for. Sales associates have been certified from the American Gem Society. Amazing service. Personal Care. I can just walk in anytime and they will wash them for me free of cost. WANT A JEWELER who’ll devote an hour with you to describe how to buy a sapphire or who will hand-select pieces for youpersonally?

They always look like new when I leave. These jewelers–a few call themselves personal jewelers, others agents –work by appointment. So happy with the product and the service. Most don’t have shops –although they could have select stocks –but they could get you almost anything, typically with reduced overhead costs.

An wonderful value too. Paul Jacobs, Ascot Diamond Trading, Arlington; 703-243-8929. When we got my engagement ring appraised for insurance it had been worth nearly twice what he paid for it. Jerry Root , Root Jewelers, McLean; 703-821-2922.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to possess Rena assist us in selecting a solitaire diamond ring. Even though Austin & Elkins is a shop, it works differently from most. He looked up info about purchasing diamonds and heard as much as you can about the 4 C’s -carat, cut, clarity and cost. The boutique, in an Old Town townhouse, is available only by appointment (except Thursday, when it’s open all day), so you have a salesperson’s undivided attention. We looked about for GIA certified diamonds and contrasted quality versus cost at a number of stores in the city.

The upgraded classics are beautiful, high-quality, and not easily found elsewhere. With the website and Rena’s information, we were able to choose the diamond we wanted and had it sent to the shop to be mounted. Custom function and 18-karat gold are all specialties. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and precisely what I wanted.

Pearls. With Rena’s experience and professionalism we walked off quite happy customers. PEARLS AREN’T Simple to Purchase. This past fall I bought my future wife’s engagement ring from Lori in Israel Diamond. To the untrained eye, it’s ‘s hard to tell why one necklace is $5,000 while one which looks similar is $1,500. I came in with a design I had in mind and they were able to custom make me the most perfect ring for my fianc.

The key is to do some research and find a jeweler who knows and can describe pearls of all sorts–creamy Japanese Akoyas, black Tahitian gems, along with other beauties. I was inexperienced with purchasing wedding bands and jewelry but felt completely comfortable. **Adeler Jewelers, 772-E Walker Rd., Great Falls; 703-759-4076; They answered all the questions I had. In business 30 decades, Jorge Adeler knows pearls–he’ll give you a tutorial you understand differences in elegance, shape, and thickness. I received an unbelievable diamond for an wonderful price! Most importantly my fianc said "yes" and can be in love with the ring. Besides pearls, this family-owned shop sells other beautiful gemstones, and it does a lot of custom designs.

I just recently went back to get our wedding bands, and they were just as useful as before! They’re custom making the wedding band in order for it to lay perfectly against the participation ring.Overall the experience was great! I feel like that I had been treated fairly and they did an wonderful job making sure we got exactly what we needed for our big day.

Don’t enjoy a ring they made for you? They’ll take it back. Definitely would recommend to anybody who wants a great deal for an wonderful diamond, and also loves great customer care.

Section of this Tiffany family, this brand new shop sells nothing but pearls, backed by Tiffany’s reputation and staffed by its own knowledgeable sales force. You won’t find a better deal on rings. Beautiful designs consist of golden South Sea attractiveness and pearls of silver blue. Fantastic rates. The big name in pearls is Mikimoto, an global brand whose pearls are sold by, among others, Lynn Jewelers in DC, R. Fantastic service. Bruce Carson Jewelers engagement ring in Hagerstown, and Liljenquist & Beckstead, which has branches throughout Washington.

Fantastic experience. Mikimoto’s pearls are rated for quality, from A up to A , AA, and AAA. Following up on a recommendation from a friend, I phoned Israel Diamond Supply and talked with Adel about what I was Searching for.

This gives you some reassurance, even though you do pay for the name. Right away he had been sending pictures to me of pearls that they had in store.