Sep 10, 2013

Jin Ion posted this video on Youtube a few months ago – apparently after retrieving it from an anonymous user who posted it back in March 2011. His commentary includes the following:

I have been deeming “Alien footage” Fake since the mid 1990’s, I have never believed footage of any Alien is Real till the day I first saw THIS!! Mostly because the footage Obviously looked fake to me. Alien Autopsy I could not deem real because all I had to go on is that it Looked real. Well if we where to see the Alien Autopsy today AFTER the recovery of 4 or 5 “Grey Alien” Skeletons, well that makes it absolutely Possible to have footage of one of these beings now what we have established they do in fact exist!!

Today this footage I do have the experience to deem this Real , what we are seeing here is Actual Footage of Something!! Now could it be a mask or a doll? I do not know as of Yet I have never seen one with this kind of Skin Stretching and Motion.. To me this looks very real and in my opinion for the first time in Human history I do believe we have actual footage of Real Alien Grey. Makes sense to me because I feel we have been undergoing a “Soft Disclosure” Since the late 1980’s.