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Jun 01, 2015

Continuing from the list of 48 mysterious — and global — bank executive deaths of2014 are the many newcomers of 2015.

Thomas J. Hughes, 29
Investment Banker for Moelis & Co.
28 MAY 2015 | Suicide by Fall

Robert L. Thomas, 72
Audit Control Chair for Cheviot Financial
23 MAY 2015 | “Unexpectedly” Died from Undisclosed Causes

Michael Lanter, 31
Investment Banker for Goldman Sachs
15 MAY 2015 | Died from Single Punch to the Head in Fight Outside of NY Bar

Abid Gilani, 55
Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Division, Wells Fargo
12 MAY 2015 | Died in Train Crash; Second Banker to do so in a Month

Ananta Bijoy Das, 33
Commercial Banker
12 MAY 2015 | Hacked to Death by Machete-Wielding Islamic Mob

Parag Parikh, 61
Founder and CFO of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd.
3 MAY 2015 | Died in Car Crash While Stopped at Intersection

Patricia Goldstein, 69
Vice Chairman of Emigrant Bank
29 APRIL 2015 | Died in Accident w/Car While Riding Bicycle

Atiqur Rahman, 35
Bagmara Upazila Branch Manager of Brac Bank Limited
27 APRIL 2015 | Found Dead in Home, Police Had To Bust Down Entryway, Could Not Determine Between Suicide or Homicide

Murray Abbott, 36
Sales Trader for Morgan Stanley
25 APRIL 2015 | Found Dead Washed Up On Toronto Beach, Cause Undisclosed

James Doak, 59
Investor and Chairman of Uranium Mining Firm Khan Resources Inc.
23 APRIL 2015 | Found Dead in Mongolian Hotel Room, Cause Undisclosed

Everette Hanley, Age Undisclosed
Credit Manager for the Bank of Nevis
17 APRIL 2015 | Shot in His Driveway in Apparent Robbery, Though Wallet and Car Not Taken

Paul Reynolds, 52
CEO of Canadian Investment Bank Canaccord Genuity Group, Inc.
29 MARCH 2015 | Died During ‘Swim Incident’ in Lavaman Triathlon Event

Marco Vancini, 60
Real Estate Investor And Malindi Finance Consular
24 FEB 2015 | Killed in Car Accident With Canter Truck On Long Flat Stretch of Road

Rakhat Aliyev, 52
Kazakhstan Deputy Foreign Minister and Finance Executive
24 FEB 2015 | Found Dead Hanging in Vienna Prison Cell

Prabhakar Shivajirao Suryavanshi, 55
Goregaon Bank Executive
22 FEB 2015 | Died of Heart Attack in Police Custody Following Bizarre Road Rage Incident

Kate Matrosova, 32
Credit Trader for BNP Paribus, Wife of JP Morgan Vice President of Financial Services Charlie Farhoodi
16 FEB 2015 | Died While Mountain Hiking Alone in New Hampshire

Graeme Porteous, 48
Private Investment Banker
7 FEB 2015 | Killed in Freak Avalanche on Holiday; 2nd Banker to Die in Avalanche in 2015

Michael Tabacchi, 27
Global Custody Associate for JP Morgan Chase
6 FEB 2015 | Suicide by Stabbing; Wife Also Strangled and Stabbed at Scene

Aditya Tomar, 41
Vice President of Technology & Asset Managemetn, JP Morgan Chase
3 FEB 2015 | Killed in Train Crash; Family Told Tomar Had Survived, Undergoing X-Rays, Later Told Tomar Died Immediately in Crash

Vladimir Levkin, Age Undisclosed
Deputy Head of Russian Central Bank, Amur Region
27 JAN 2015 | Shot and Killed 3 Colleagues Before Committing Suicide

Name Undisclosed (Shooting Victim 1 – Female), Age Undisclosed
Title Undisclosed
27 JAN 2015 | Shot and Killed by Deputy Head of Russian Central Bank, Amur Region

Name Undisclosed (Shooting Victim 2 – Female), Age Undisclosed
Title Undisclosed
27 JAN 2015 | Shot and Killed by Deputy Head of Russian Central Bank, Amur Region

Name Undisclosed (Shooting Victim 3 – Male), Age Undisclosed
Title Undisclosed
27 JAN 2015 | Shot and Killed by Deputy Head of Russian Central Bank, Amur Region

Chris van Eeghen, Age Undisclosed
Head of Syndicate at ABN Amro Corporate Finance & Capital Markets
19 JAN 2015 | Suicide – Cause Undisclosed

Alfred Villalobos, 71
Placement Agent for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
13 JAN 2015 | Apparent Suicide While Awaiting Trial on Bribery & Fraud Charges – Cause Undisclosed

Michael Flanagan, 45
Head of Foreign Exchange Institutional Sales for National Australia Bank
8 JAN 2015 | Went Missing During Walk, Found Dead 4 Days Later – Cause Undisclosed

Omar Meza, 33
Junior Finance Executive for AIG Insurance
8 JAN 2015 | Disappeared From Company Retreat, Found Dead 1 Week Later on Golf Course – Cause Undisclosed

Thomas Gilbert, 70
Founder of Wainscott Capital Partners Fund
4 JAN 2015 | Shot and Killed in His Bedroom


By Olan Thomas of

List provided by Apocalypse Watch.