Aug 23, 2013

robert-mueller-iii-fbi-director-9-11-false-flag-terror-lone-wolf-internet-cyberwarfare-cyberattack-infrastructure-bombs-airport-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationRobert Mueller knew exactly what he was saying this week to the Washington Post when he invoked 9/11 memories, then added his own personal “fears” when it came to “protecting our freedom”:

These include homegrown “lone wolf” terrorists, like the men accused of carrying out the Boston and Fort Hood attacks, who are radicalized and self-trained over the Internet and “are much more difficult for us to identify and disrupt before an attack can take place.”

It sickens me to think that this man went into law so he could prosecute murderers – and then became a murderer of freedom, himself. The FBI has expanded greatly since 9/11, and has been colluding with other 3-letter agencies (The NSA being a key player) to destroy the Constitution and enslave the American people while telling them they’re saving them.

What’s the definition of Stockholm Syndrome, again? Because that’s the game the government is trying desperately to play with Americans’ minds. Unfortunately for us, he continues on:

The outgoing director said he remains concerned about the possibility of another attack on a plane; a “weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a terrorist,” including a cyber-weapon that could attack financial institutions or the energy sector; and the vacuum left behind by turmoil in Middle Eastern nations affected by the Arab Spring uprisings.

These all sound eerily similar to what the FEMA representative told us a few weeks ago ; I wonder if they’re exchanging notes?