Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 23, 2014

The feds are attempting to forge a link between arsonists and looters in Ferguson and the Islamic State, aka ISIS.

lh6.googleusercontent.com_2014-12-23_20-06-52Steve Wigginton, the U.S. Attorney in Southern District of Illinois, says posts on Twitter reveal an effort by ISIS to team up with not only criminals, but anarchists and sovereign citizens.

“We received intelligence reports for law enforcement showing actual tweets ISIS was putting out encouraging Americans to join the people who were burning down buildings in Ferguson to engage that kind of conduct across America,” said Wigginton.

“They are trying to reach the people who are anti- government to begin with. We have a number of those individuals in the U.S., whether they are sovereign citizens, whether they are anarchists, they all showed up at one point or another in the St. Louis area in the last few months,” he added.

An FBI special agent, Sean Cox, said “homegrown violent extremists” will use the Michael Brown and Eric Garner protests to launch so-called lone wolf attacks.

“We are very concerned by threats posed by homegrown violent extremists from individuals who live in the same community they intend to attack,” said Cox.

“These individuals are difficult for us to detect, as they are able to connect with other extremists with relative ease and they are more capable from an operational standpoint because they are familiar with their intended target areas,” he said.

Wigginton said ISIS will use its social media prowess to recruit and deploy terrorists.

“It only takes one of them to recruit, one of them to do a bad act, and now you have the lone wolf and the lone wolf is the one we fear the most because we cannot predict when that lone wolf is going to strike.”

In November the corporate media reported that ISIS fighters in Syria pledged to send terrorists to Ferguson.