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AIRED: 05-31-2019

Victor Hugo Vaca is a famous Award-winning multi-media artist, director, screenwriter, producer, nightclub designer, modern-art-gonzo-journalist, CEO and whistleblower
He and his company, Modern Art Music Movement also referred to as MAMM and The Victor-Hugo Collection have been showcased internationally on every major broadcast television network including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Univision, Telemundo and in cover stories, editorials, and featured articles from China to Iceland and the United States, in major magazines and newspapers including: NY Arts Magazine, Art Fairs International, Vigore Chicago Arts Magazine, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, New York Newsday, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, Sun Post, The Sun Sentinel, The Marco Island Sun Times, Naples News, Miami New Times, Gulf Breeze News, The Annapolis Capital, Tampa Bay Times, The Observer, El Nuevo Herald, Centro Tampa, The Happy Herald, Phoenix Arizona Republic Newspaper, St. Maarten Today Newspaper and de Volkskrant Holland Amsterdam Press to name a few.
Victor-Hugo Vaca II has appeared on most major radio and television networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, WB, Univision and Telemundo.
What is MAMM? The Modern Art Music Movement™most commonly known as MAMM is an international coalition of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and professionals using art, music, movies and live mixed-media events to raise awareness about social issues not normally covered in mainstream media.The Victor-Hugo MAMM Jam Collection includes fine art manifested at Modern Art Music Movement™MAMM Jam Happenings created alongside legends in the music industry and signed by Rock n’ Roll icons such as John Rzeznik of the Goo-Goo Dolls and John Waite of Bad English and The Babys.
The Modern Art Music Movement™affords artists an opportunity to capture history on canvas as Rorschach interpretations of mixed-media happenings that fuse live music with performance art and movies at multi-media events called “MAMM Jams”.
The Modern Art Music Movement™ (MAMM) is the umbrella company for The Victor-Hugo Collection LLC that includes fine art originals, limited edition reproductions and lithographs of artwork created by Victor-Hugo Vaca II. The Victor-Hugo Collection visual arts catalog exceeds 1,000 original contemporary fine art paintings, sketches, drawings, modern-art-gonzo-journalism and Modern Art Music Movement™ Rock n’ Roll memorabilia.
The first official documented Modern Art Music Movement™ “MAMM Jam Happening” occurred December 5, 2006 during Art Basel Miami Week at the grand opening of Area 51 nightclub in downtown Miami, Florida where the Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II created a fifteen-foot-tall, twenty-five-foot long mural in front of a live audience, alongside world famous Dj’s throughout a grueling twenty-four-hour painting marathon.
How does MAMM work for communities? MAMM fuses art and music to inspire creativity, compassionate wealth, cooperation, clear communication and conflict resolution while spreading a message of peace, love and hope to the masses.
MAMM envisions synthesizing art, music, film, fashion and literature as a way to foster compassionate wealth worldwide. Sponsored MAMM Jams amalgamate live mixed media performance art with all genres of music including but not limited to: Rock-n-Roll, Pop, Opera, Latin, Country, Folk, Rap, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in promoting cultural exchange, while dynamically cultivating constructive creativity and building global goodwill. MAMM utilizes art, fashion, film, literature and education to promulgate positive messages through a platform where art serves as a neutral focal point.
The MAMM Film Production Company produces movies/television series and internet content inspired by MAMM books while the Music Production Company produces original soundtracks for film and book series. The education sector of MAMM produces teaching materials, guides and curriculum exemplifying ways to implement MAMM programs in schools and educational systems around the world.

website: victorhugocollection.com

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