Truth Frequency Radio
Apr 25, 2015

A family was just given back a whopping $80 MILLION in gold coins that the government confiscated. In an overturned jury verdict, the U.S. Treasury Department received a bit of a spanking for being the big bad bully who took candy away from a baby. Or in this case $80 million in gold away from the family who found it and claimed ‘finders keepers.’

The government’s argument was that the $80 million in $20 Double Eagle gold coins were stolen from the Philadelphia Mint before FDR took us off the gold standard in 1933, 70 years before Joan Langbord and her children found the coins.

Coin experts at Swiss America say the treasure trove included coins designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens who merged a flying eagle with a person representing liberty, adding that King Farouk of Egypt sold a single Double Eagle coin for $7.6 million, setting a record for a coin sale.

But a far more valuable windfall was the half a million Double Eagle gold coins that were minted in Philadelphia in 1933 just before Roosevelt ended the gold standard. And just what happened to those half million coins? They were melted down into gold bars, completely killing the investment value of those coins. Who knows, you might have some of that valuable gold in your necklace or your gold crown.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. It is still legal to own gold coins–for now. And some day if the government knocks on your door asking for your gold coins to melt down? A fair question might be: What gold coins?

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