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Oct 10, 2015


Turkish Government claims the PKK attacked the peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the violence being done by the government on the PKK.

Ankara explosion: Blasts hit rally in Turkish capital.
Two explosions have hit a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara, causing multiple casualties, reports say.
Turkish news agency Dogan said that at least 20 people have been killed. TV footage shows scenes of panic and people lying on the ground covered in blood, amid protest banners.
The blasts took place near the city’s central train station.
The target appears to have been a march calling for an end to the violence with the Kurdish separatist group, the PKK.

Turkish Cops Beat on Injured Demonstrators Seeking Help After Blast.

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Terrorist Bombings In Turkey – At Least 97 Killed, Hundreds Injured – Turkish Government Tries To Ban Media…

At least two massive explosions in the capital of Turkey have killed dozens of people during peace rally.  The response from the government of President Recep Erdogan is alarming.

(CNN) – Two powerful bombs exploded near the main train station in Ankara on Saturday morning, causing carnarge, killing at least 86 people and injuring 186 others, in the deadliest attack in the Turkish capital in recent memory.

The explosion, which caused chaos and bloodshed, took place during a peace march involving, among others, the pro-Kurdish HDP, or People’s Democratic Party. The attack also came before national elections scheduled for November 1. Video showed bodies strewn on sidewalks, with injured people lying on the ground with bystanders trying desperately to help them. The blasts were so powerful they shook high-rise office buildings at some distance. The death toll is expected to climb. (read more)

The Turkish government has instructed media not to report on the terrorist attacks.

Media banned from reporting events