Jul 17, 2014

shannon-richardson-ricin-letter-arrest-leadAs we covered in the past, failed actress and Red Dress operative Shannon Richardson attempted to set up her newlywed husband for sending ricin-tainted letters to Obama.

When Nathaniel Richardson, a Navy veteran, came out last week claiming his wife was “framing him”, we immediately took notice. Since we have been studying the world of acting – and specifically crisis acting – for the last few months, this intrigued us.

Our intrigue was piqued even more today when news came out by Philly.com that the wife did indeed frame her husband, not just by sending letters filled with ricin through the mail to President Obama (and other “gun control advocates”), but also by including a violence-tainted rant against gun control in the letter, and by actually calling the FBI herself to make sure they took notice of her “husband’s crime”.

01.1n005.ricin3--300x400According to the New York Post:

In addition to the refrigerated ricin, Guess also claimed she had discovered directions on “how to make ricin” in the house and that somebody had Googled Obama and Bloomberg on the home computer, according to sources.
“You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns,” the missive sent to Bloomberg read. “What’s in this letter is nothing compared to what I have planned for you.”
The letters, which were also sent to the anti-illegal-gun nonprofit Bloomberg helped found, were all sent from Shreveport, La., which is about 100 miles from New Boston.

According to Hollywood Life:

Shannon first came to the attention of investigators when she called them reporting that she believed her husband had sent the May 20 ricin letters to Michael and Barack, and one other to the director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, according to Newsday.
She was arrested in Mount Pleasant, TX on June 7 and could face up to 10 years in prison if she’s convicted.

Shannon Richardson (aka Shannon Guess) in a guest spot on The Walking Dead, according to her IMDB profile.

So, now that she’s been caught red-handed, what is Shannon Richardson’s excuse for setting up her husband? According to Philly:

According to an FBI affidavit, Richardson contacted authorities May 30 to implicate her husband. She later failed a polygraph test and investigators also found inconsistencies in her story, the document said. Richardson then admitted mailing the letters knowing they contained ricin, but said her husband had typed them and made her print and send them.

sns-rt-us-usa-obama-letterbre95615s-20130607-001According to her own bio, she claims to have been abandoned by her mother at the age of two, and raised by her single father, Terry Rogers. She also claims to have donated bone marrow a few years ago to a sick child. She seems to have some kind of histrionic personality disorder, just from looking at her social history (several unstable marriages with many children by different fathers, childhood abandonment issues, etc). The fact that she was seen being led from a hospital before the court hearing probably means she’s desperately trying to come up with any physical reason she can come up with (such as doctor-mandated bed rest for the pregnancy) to avoid this whole process, or at least try to garner sympathy for her pathetic cause (Which, the Daily Mail has to admit, they ran with up until the point where the cops fingered her as the suspect, instead, which adds to our theory, below).

images4Our current theory is that Mrs. Rogers-Guess-Richardson was a “red dress” operative, and that she was sent in specifically to lure him into a relationship for a “setup of a Navy vet” later on down the line. She was lazy and stupid in her approach, and let the authorities “make” her, so she has officially received her burn notice in the form of handcuffs and a ten-year prison sentence.

We’ve seen a huge upsurge in these types of women lately, specifically going after men who are either controversial public figures or are military veterans in order to set them up for serious criminal offenses later. This is a tactic the Germans in World War II, the Russians during the Cold War, and the Ancient Roman Republic was known for: They would send in women operatives who have been trained in acting to “host” the patsy for several months or even years. Shannon-Glass-and-Nathaniel-Richardson-1370029801They usually come out of nowhere, will disrupt the man’s current relationship if there is one, and use their sexual prowess or the man’s own insecurities to manipulate them into a relationship. Once that is accomplished, they will lie in wait until orders are given to carry out the setup.

The only problem with our theory is the utter stupidity in which she carried the act out: How could she not know he didn’t use credit cards, and why would an operative be so sloppy while planting evidence? He possibly could have been waking up to what was actually going on in the relationship, and wanted out, and so plans had to be carried out quickly or the entire operation would have been for nothing.

Or she could just be a really sick person who likes gun control and hated her husband at the moment and wanted to see his life ruined for some reason.


We would suggest that our listeners pay close attention to the details that come out of this case. If her father was military, and she was from Arizona or San Diego, than we are almost 100% sure she’s an operative. If she’s just some crazy, washed-up actress, then so be it. Either way, at the moment, we just feel really, really sorry for that poor guy.

After cutting a deal with the prosecution, the sentence was capped at 18 years, which is exactly what she got in the end. And based on her words since the sentencing, I believe more than ever that she was an Obamanoid who was asked by elements of the military or police in Texas to set up her veteran husband:

But hey, even though she sent a untreatable, highly toxic substance to the leader of our nation, she’s still tooootally <3’s him!

After Richardson was sentenced in federal court in Texarkana, Texas, formally charged with possessing and producing a biological toxin, she had some things that she wanted to clear up about all of this mailing-threatening-letters-laced-with-ricin hoopla. “I never intended for anybody to be hurt,” Richard said at her sentencing. “I’m not a bad person. I don’t have it in me to hurt anyone. I do love my country, and I respect my president.”

Let’s break this down for just a second, shall we?

“I never intended for anybody to be hurt.” 

I mean, generally, if you’re not trying to hurt someone you don’t mail letters full of toxins to them. Next time try a Hallmark card, hold the ricin.

“I’m not a bad person.”

Surely not. You just mailed life threatening letters to three people then tried to blame it on your estranged husband. She’s not a bad person. Just misunderstood.

If her plot had not failed, the Obama administration would have had another excuse to demonize military veterans and Eric Holder would’ve been able to wax philosophic about “lone wolf terrorism” even more than he already has been. She received her burn notice last June when her husband exposed her laziness in the framing and was able to prove it easily.