AIRED: 02-07-2021

Facts are a real kill joy when it comes to blowing up Leftist Hate for President Trump. As False Flags go, the Capitol Hill Riot is easily debunked. Capitol Police reported the first incursion against officers at 12:40pm. At that moment, President Trump was speaking at the ellipse to a rally of ONE MILLION supporters. That’s a distance of 1.5 MILES away. His speech ended at 1:11PM— thirty minutes later. Indeed, at a normal rate of dispersment of a tightly packed crowd, standing together talking about Trump’s speech & appalling evidence of election fraud, Trump supporters could not have marched to the Capitol until shortly before 2PM . A quick look at social media quickly revealed ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter had posted instructions all over Instagram & Twiiter how to dress up as Trump supporters & infiltrate the Rally for Election Integrity, Who smashed the window?? ANTIFA. Who barreled at Capitol Police forcing their way inside??? That’s John Sullivan from Provo, Utah— Mitt Romney should be able to debrief his Senate colleagues how John Sullivan is implicated in the shooting death of a Utah motorist last July when ANTIFA/BLM barricaded a highway outside of Salt Lake City. Perhaps Mittens Romney can explain how a felon on a murder charge got on an airplane to travel to Washington DC??? America wants an answer, too. While Democrats are at it, Rashid Tlaib & AOC must apologize for Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA rioters who TERORIZED cities for months last summer, smashing windows, stealing property, beating up business owners and burning shops. Every Democrat who supported BAIL FUNDS for Rioters must be stripped of Committee assignments, impeached & removed from Congress. We the People refuse to allow Democrats to hide behind double standards, attacking President Trump for what JOE BIDEN & KAMALA HARRIS have actually done. We REFUSE to submit to 4 YEARS of Tyrannical Dictatorship over our lives, hijacking our Government. IMPEACH JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS TOGETHER. NOW.

website: www.jamesfetzer.org

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