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AIRED: 10-10-2019

TODAY is October 10, (10 – 10). And while this carries its own potency, more notably, it is also the culminating MOMENT of the 19 year cycle that opened October, 10, 2000. Thereby it is 10-10-10! This MOMENT IS WAITING FOR YOU TO CLAIM WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Ready to EXPERIENCE THE ONENESS Of the Infinite?

Tonight! Kira Raa invites Jess Juntenen and YOU to join in this dynamic moment as together we unlock the vast CREATION PROCESS that is ready for you to EXPERIENCE! Make a note! Join Sri & Kira THIS WEEKEND as they Expand the post 10-10 EXPERIENCE!

Tonight’s Co-host: Jess Juntenen Jess Juntunen is passionate about supporting women to create and sustain a life of freedom. Jess helps women to actualize their dreams, find their true voice and gifts, tap into intuition, and heal from physical, mental, and emotional challenges. She combines her compassionate counseling with effective quantum energy techniques to create remarkable shifts with her clients. Jess also is a cosmic priestess for our mother earth, supporting women in connecting with their own relationship to her to bring forward planetary healing. Her work helps others to overcome traumas, limiting belief patterns, and their blocks to healing, wellness, and prosperity.

Jess is a gifted Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor and Medical Intuitive, as well as a Quantum Healer and highly skilled Avesa Energy Practitioner. Additionally, she is a birth doula and advocate for women’s health during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Jess is also the voice of the radio program: Soul Fusion Cafe on Oneness Talk Radio. Jess leads workshops, membership programs, and works with individuals one on one. Learn more at Jess’s inspiration www.selfascensionstudios.com or check out her radio program at www.onenesstalkradio.com

website: www.onenesstalkradio.com


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