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Nov 04, 2013

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Astronomers at the Ohio State University have calculated the odds that during the next 50 years a supernova occurring in our home Milky Way galaxy will be visible from Earth, with infrared radiation-detecting telescopes. There is a 100 percent chance of the visibility. There is only about a 20 percent chance of being able to see the cosmic spectacle from Earth with the naked eye.

A massive star “goes supernova” at the moment when it’s used up all its nuclear fuel and its core collapses, just before it explodes violently and throws off most of its mass into space.

Researchers have never been able to find, what happens right at the beginning of a supernova, which is the death of a star. The last very bright supernova in the Milky was occurred in 1604, spotted by Johannes Kepler , about 20,000 light years away, when he was in northern Italy at the time

“Every few days, we have the chance to observe supernovae happening outside of our galaxy,” explains budding boffin Scott Adams, working on his PhD at Ohio State uni. Adams was part of the team which has come up with the new supernova forecast.

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