Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 23, 2014


Former UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury needed post-MMA career guidance — so he turned to an ancient hallucinogenic concoction to show him the way … and it worked.

Kingsbury — who famously flashed a pair of “Legalize Gay” undies before his July fight for “UFC On Fox” — initially said he wanted to become a firefighter following his final bout.

But after the fight, Kyle still had some doubts — so he turned to a shaman who brewed him up a cup of Ayahuasca … a hallucinogenic herbal drink that people use to go on a vision quest.

And after a trippy ceremony … with some vomiting … Kyle came to a revelation — he should open a gym in Costa Rica to share his fighting talents with others.

“I’m going to be doing what I love,” Kingsbury says … “lifting, fighting, being at a gym.”

Kingsbury says he’ll be taking his fiance and business partner along for the ride, and expects to have everything up and running by winter 2015.

His only fear — “I’ve recently learned they have HUGE crocodiles so that’s a little scary.”

Good luck!