Sep 11, 2013

As if it came directly out of a playbook of some sort, a former military servicemember who had recently been suspended from the TSA as a screener and put in his resignation letter yesterday afternoon made some kind of “unspecified threat” about the airport he worked at, LAX. An “Anti-American” note was found, and a package was left in front of a church. The package was then approached by a bomb squad and explosions were heard in the area:

Eimiller said federal authorities began investigating Onuoha on Tuesday afternoon after he resigned from his job and allegedly left a suspicious package addressed to another employee at the TSA’s LAX headquarters. The Los Angeles Police Department’s bomb squad inspected the package and determined that it contained no explosives or harmful substances, she said.

The package, however, contained an eight-page letter in which Onuoha expressed his thoughts about the incident that led to his suspension and his disdain for the United States, Eimiller said.

He then called the TSA – twice, in fact – to tell them to evacuate certain terminals, and that he’d be “watching to make sure they did it” (Doesn’t sound like a real terrorist to me ; Sounds more like military-grade psychological warfare, but I digress…)

Apparently, the first call went unheeded – and only God knows why, so he apparently called a second time to reiterate the warning.

Federal authorities said the same man called the TSA a second time, again instructing that terminals be evacuated. Police cleared the terminals, but there appeared to be no threat to the airport, Eimiller said.

Still, this doesn’t sound like a gung-ho terrorist to me. If it were a real terror threat, there would be no warning ; The only warning the people who died on 9/11 got was an airplane barreling through their office. Something sounds kind of contrived about this “terror threat”, and the suspicions I had last night turned out to be correct. Nothing whatsoever was mentioned in the mainstream media about terror threats last night, and nothing was even mentioned about this threat until after it had already been taken care of.

Now, it’s the 9/11 anniversary and the media and the government both get to act like they’re wonderful, benevolent organizations that had no idea this was going to happen, and by golly, we should just be glad that they’re so on top of things that they protected LAX. It’ll be discussed non-stop for the next 10 hours, and they get to act like it’s a natural response to a legitimate threat ; In all likelihood, this was a U.S. military operation designed to scare people on the one day that it would be possible to do so AND gather as much attention among the populace as possible.

What many people don’t know is what happened after the threats to LAX were made.

While searching Onuoha’s apartment in Inglewood, members of the terrorist task force discovered a note taped inside a closet, Eimiller said. The note, she said, contained “an unspecified threat citing the 9/11/13 anniversary.”

Federal authorities then arrested Onuoha. It’s unclear why he was arrested in Riverside, and further details about his arrest were not immediately available.

MSNBC expands on what happened after the airport threats:

Leads on Onuoha’s whereabouts led authorities to Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside, where Riverside police and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Onuoha just before midnight Tuesday.

Additional suspicious packages were found inside the church and in Onuoha’s car, which was parked outside of the church, Riverside Police Lt. Milby told NBC4. A bomb squad was still at the church well into Wednesday morning, prompting the church to cancel its private school classes for the day.

Aerial video showed investigators near a minivan with all doors, hood and liftgate open in an Arlington Avenue parking lot. Several explosions, possibly involving the bomb squad investigation, were reported Wednesday morning.

So, let me get this straight: He left a note with “9/11/13” on it in a note taped inside of his closet in an “otherwise-empty” apartment at an apartment complex for military veterans, where hundreds of other people could’ve left the note there, and many of them could have an ulterior motive in doing so? How do we know one of his VA buddies – or a gaggle of them – didn’t set this guy up to look like a terrorist to conduct a psychological operation on the 12th anniversary of 9/11?

I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it makes more sense than what the mainstream media is telling us. ABC News gives more detailed information – and possibly real intelligence, based on my own research of this subject in the past few months.

According to a notice from the FBI and DHS, a man told authorities he had information indicating the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, was in the “final stages” of coordinating a spectacular attack in Los Angeles and New York City.

The man said the attack would target Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to the notice. What’s more, he claimed three Columbia University students have already been recruited to wear explosives-laden suicide vests and detonate them at the New York airport, according to the notice.

The bombing in New York would be followed by a second attack involving men posing as New York City taxicab drivers, the alert said the man told authorities.

Authorities said they were “highly suspect” about the source of the information and noted in the alert to local police departments that the source said he would provide even more information if the U.S. government gave him a “large and specific” amount of money. They also said his information has yet to be corroborated. However, because his information was so specific, the FBI and DHS passed it along out of an abundance of caution, sources said.

Authorities are currently assessing the man who provided the tip, and his life and associations are being dissected.

The New York Police Department does not believe the threat is credible and is positioning no additional resources, a law enforcement source said.

If this was all made up by one guy who wants money, that’s one thing ; But for NYPD to completely throw out his story because he wants money is quite foolish. As I wrote on August 6th:

…throughout the last week, we uncovered the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, operating under the Department of Homeland Security, is preparing for a major terror attack …in the coming months, an event that a FEMA employee we spoke with said, “would be like what we’ve already seen times a hundred.”

There are multiple ways that a foreign country (or even our own, if they were desperate enough) could bring the United States to it’s knees, such as an EMP or a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C., but what we’re focused on right now are the potential for small, localized terror attacks carried out in rapid succession inside the United States….

Although the links to the DIA seem strong, it is important to remember that Denver has been a hotbed of military and DHS drills lately, having been the stage for Operation Mountain Guardian in 2011, which simulated specific attacks that were later carried out “in real life”, such as shootings in movie theatres and at elementary schools. So what we may be seeing is the “underbelly” of the terror attacks themselves: the preparation of the military, FEMA, and the DHS for these events would ensure those involved knew exactly what they were to do when the time comes. So, the DIA could simply be drills designed to “prepare” first responders for what the criminals at the top of the before-mentioned agencies know is going to go down.

Other locations of interest in the latest terror warnings include San Francisco and New York City.

The fourth factor (and maybe, the most important), is what is going to happen? The FEMA representative we spoke with was a little ambiguous, but mentioned the following, which I have since been investigating:

1. A series of “dirty bombs” set up in strategic areas along the East Coast, causing a “nuclear holocaust”.

“You know, some idiot out there starts setting off dirty bombs everywhere , and before you know it, you have 2, 3, 10 million people in there trying to move at one time. And they stray from their areas.”

2. Chemical warfare deployment

“You know, it’s obviously still a very real threat…uh…chemical warfare is very rampant, which most folks aren’t aware of.”…

4. Attacks on international airports

“There is potential, in just about every transportation location…uh…nation and worldwide…For example, in a lot of our harbors – you know, where we bring food in from overseas, etc. – things of that nature, a lot of the airports that would be the national, international or the locals basically we need to prepare. What we’ve done, and we have prepared, we’re just more in-depth now, is if you had an attack on one of those international airports, and you have foreign military forces dropping in there, what would you do?”…

Interestingly enough, the recent terror scare in Yemen involves a young man named Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, who apparently makes “undetectable bombs” for Al-Qaeda. This comes on the heels of the TSA announcing that they are “testing” new security measures that are “easier on the travelers”. Apparently, you don’t have to take your shoes or jewelry off anymore and the restrictions on liquids have even been reduced. Journalists are literally begging for something to happen, saying, “we’re okay with whatever you want us to do (expanding to sports events, concerts, and transportation hubs, bringing in useless sniffing dogs and predatory “behavior analysts”), TSA, just as long as you get us through the line quicker!” All that needs to happen at this point would be for something horrific involving these “undetectable” bombs in “international airports” to occur, and it would be bedlam in our airports…

Just one day after I wrote that, a conference call between al-Zawahiri and al-Qaeda operatives was reported to have been intercepted:

Several news outlets reported Monday on an intercepted communication last week between Zawahiri and Nasser al-Wuhayshi, the leader of al Qaeda’s affiliate based in Yemen. But The Daily Beast has learned that the discussion between the two al Qaeda leaders happened in a conference call that included the leaders or representatives of the top leadership of al Qaeda and its affiliates calling in from different locations, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence. All told, said one U.S. intelligence official, more than 20 al Qaeda operatives were on the call.

Who is this latest “terrorist”, anyway? ABC local news makes it quite clear:

Authorities confirm that Onuoha is a former member of the military and a naturalized citizen, originally from Nigeria.

It’s interesting to me that this man is from Nigeria, the same place that apparently harbors al-Qaeda’s Boko Haram operatives. According to the Daily Beast:

Al Qaeda members included representatives or leaders from Nigeria’s Boko Haram, the Pakistani Taliban, al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and more obscure al Qaeda affiliates such as the Uzbekistan branch.

Now does a threat involving undetectable explosive vests in airports from a Nigerian who’s also ex-military sound “uncredible”? The day’s not over yet, folks. NYPD officials either know something we don’t, or they’ve got their heads so far up their hind ends that they don’t realize that people high up in the military like Michael Hayden need something to happen.

Our low-level military guys have stated, en masse, that they don’t want to go to Syria to fight with Al-qaeda to overthrow Assad. They are unequivocally opposed to starting WWIII. Therefore, something would have to occur to make them think that military intervention of some sort is necessary.

But they can’t blame Osama Bin Laden or even his buddy, al-Zawahri for it this time, because it would jeopardize the perceived legitimacy – or whatever’s left of it, anyway – of an intervention in Syria. So, of course they would denounce any intelligence suggesting al-Qaeda. “Homegrown terrorists” are a completely different story, however, and one the feds have latched on to like a blankie in the midst of all of this terror rhetoric.

Let me be quite clear: Homegrown terrorism is not a legitimate threat, unless it is co-sponsored by the U.S. military itself ; Al-Qaeda is not a legitimate threat, either, at least not in the cave-dweller sense ; They would also need cooperation from the CIA and DoD – at least on some level – to pull off another 9/11. They couldn’t do it by themselves in 2001, and they still couldn’t today. It would be absolutely asinine to think that a lone wolf, or even a band of misfit terrorists abroad, could successfully launch terror attacks in the United States.

What is a legitimate threat, then? The fear factor. If these events – or an event taking place between now and October 1 – can make people think, “Wow, so we’re still not safe, then? I’m sorry, Federal Government, for doubting your wisdom and love for the people of this country…I’ll take my shoes off right away, I’ll hand over my phone and email records, here’s my browser history…I understand that the NSA just wants to keep me safe.”, then the CIA and military have done their job.

Which brings me to my next point: Last month, a journalist involved with a large alternative media outlet claimed that by paying attention to the “terror threat” rhetoric, we were, in fact, “distracting” people from the NSA revelations. I disagreed then, and I still do: The two subjects go hand in hand with one another, and to separate them makes no sense, unless you want to act like a horse with blinders on. Real intelligence involves the blending together of tiny bits on information to make up a more detailed analysis of the situation, and the only reason why anyone would try to disrupt that thought process would be to inadvertently – or maybe even intentionally – hype up the “lone wolf” terror threat through exclusion of other possibilities.

Am I saying that’s what they were intentionally trying to do? Not necessarily. Sometimes, in their quest for the truth, people will throw out any information they feel – at the time – is unimportant, while internally processing and externally projecting what they feel is important at that moment. We have to stop thinking “for the moment”, and focus on the bigger picture, here, which is false-flag terrorism being bred by our military to justify the NSA rummaging through everyone’s personal lives. Just railing on and on about how bad the NSA is isn’t going to accomplish anything unless you can find a reason to question its’ legitimacy. Then, you can call it out for what it is, and help people understand why it’s so unnecessary for them to do what they’re doing. Making it all about Big Brother isn’t enough – the root of the problem is, and has been since 9/11, is false flag terrorism.