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AIRED: 01-28-2020

Popeye is back on KBS & he takes us right down the Coronavirus rabbit hole as we discuss the timely Event 201, a simulation of a global pandemic sponsored by Bill Gates & the World Economic Forum. This event was held in a New York hotel at the end of last year and was centred around a fictional global pandemic. Funnily enough the simulation was able to pick out just the very type of virus that is running rampant in China right now in the real world. Go figure!?!?! Not only that, but there is a documentary series running on Netflix called ‘Pandemic’ & includes all the people that are on the front line protecting us from nasty pathogens. Again, coincidentally im sure, it is set in New York & features Jake Glanville, a scientist that is on a mission to develop a universal vaccine. In the documentary that eerily mirrors real-world events that are playing out with the Wuhan Virus, Bill Gates again is featured & presented as our loving billionaire saviour. Are we being programmed for what is now playing out with the WuFlu?
All this and so much more with one of the OG’s of alternative media, THE Popeye!

website: federaljack.com/popeye

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