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Oct 26, 2020

hello everyone welcome to essay 1 explanation just want to give you a brief overview of what the expectations are in the assignment for essay 1 paid specifications two full pages and then everything else will be pretty much standard for all other assignments obviously typed double-spaced one-inch margins 12-point font Times New Roman and of course proper MLA or APA format it’s up to you to choose which one you want to use if you’re in the sciences use APA get used to using APA format if you’re in liberal arts with your major definitely stick with using MLA I don’t care which one you use I just want you to use it correctly and of course as I noted on syllabus I can only accept docx docx OTT and RTF files the due date is Monday January 26 of course blackboard by 8:00 p.m. what I want you to do is review all the opinion pieces in the academic research and writing on pages 237 and 258 there are more afterwards but I want to focus just on those you will choose one piece that stands out to you and argue for against hypothetical you can argue the pros and cons to each issue defend why you agree or disagree with the issue or point out the Tom pace and significance or relevance that’s an argument as well if you choose the empathetic approach of course you must defend why you believe this is inconsequential or unimportant or irrelevant besides assessing the issue you should also argue in one paragraph how and why the author’s assertions are correct or incorrect and how to be good maybe for your first supporting paragraph remember always establish clear criteria during the argumentation that’s always going to be important for any assignment we do since this is 1060 I want you to use research so obviously you should find one outside legitimate source to help substantiate your claims and if you haven’t used any of our databases yet the ones that are always helpful eps cohost JSTOR project Muse you know they will definitely help you out for this assignment the Granny’s scale will change but for essay 1 this is the stay and this would be the standard grading scale for pretty much essay 1 2 & 3 I want you have a clear title that’s helpful informative and of course reflective of the argument and it’s zero to five everything else until the format and this is definitely going to change as the semester progresses because I receive format is going to be increasingly important in terms of everything that’s worth 10 points obviously presentation of your overall as saying introductions reporting paragraphs and conclusion clearly stated thesis focus you know make sure you stay on topic make sure you stay on thesis and of course make sure that thesis corresponds to the assignment make sure every paragraph has an argument of topic sentence and then every paragraph has support and examples or details that explain or further that topic sentence make sure everything flows well cohesion very important not only transitional words but logical progression between the paragraphs and sentences of course a very important issue structure order organization these two kind of go hand in hand make sure you have logical approach to your claims make sure you express and explain yourself well and then of course make sure you have specific detail the show do not tell you specifically show why you argue the way you argue grammar of course always important and so that’s your ten as well so all that adds up of course to 100 points remember he’ll always lose ten points for every day you do not turn the essay in after the due date and then you will lose one point for each use of errors outlined on a revision checklist so make sure you review the checklist if you need of course the publication and alternative formats always contact me or the accessibility resource center if you have any questions always email if not good luck thinking about this essay and good luck writing take