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AIRED: 09-25-2021

Ra Castaldo and long time colleague and guest Mr. Gary Wayne have a very informative and interesting discussion on the Ancient Royal Bloodlines of Dragons and Owls , bloodlines discussed in the Bible and other Ancient religious texts. The various Legends of Esau , of the Bible who is also known as Edom . Esau/Edom being the older of twin boys to Isaac and Rebecca , his twin brother being Jacob also known as Israel. Esau was described as being born pale white, very hairy and very red hair ! With incredible hunting abilities, showing various signs of Rephaim or Nephilim DNA. Gary And Ra discuss this very topic and how Esau and his line is connected to the Royal Pharaoh Bloodlines of Egypt . The Dragon Crocodile Queen Sobek-Nefru and the various bloodlines that descend from these unions. Various Tribes are discussed from the Edomites to the Kassites to the Hittites to the Amalekites and much more !! Also discussed is the sorcery that’s carried out on solstice and equinox days related to these bloodlines and the drinking of Star fire, and various other rituals ! do not miss this show !!!!


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