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AIRED: 10-11-2019

Merry Meet! As we approach Samhain, it’s time to talk about some of the darker or other aspects of Paganism and Witchcraft. What is the definition of the Occult? Do you know which Christian practices actually fit this definition?
Bumper Music: Goddess of the Shining Moon by Dalton Hurst

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Merry Meet! Tonight we are continuing our chat regarding Archetypes (Father, Shaman, Trickster, Dark God/Goddess) and reviewing Shamanism. I am reviewing another list… this time for Shamanism. Merry Part! ...

AIRED: 11-09-2019

Merry Meet! If you have ever checked out Facebook around Halloween, you will have seen at least ONE quiz to tell you if you are a witch or not. If you do a search to see how to tell if you are a witch, you will find more lists than I care to count… and...

AIRED: 11-08-2019

Merry Meet! You’ve probably heard me talk about archetypes and I’ll mention them again in the future. So what are they? Tonight with started with the Mother Archetype. Bumper Music provided by Dalton Hurst ...

AIRED: 11-02-2019

Merry Meet! Circle, Coven, Grove, Moot… what are they? They are different labels for a Pagan/Witch get together! Remember, when meeting up with a new group, whether online or in person, be safe. Respect is a thing! If you don’t give respect, you won’t receive it. Be respectful of those you encounter, both face to...

AIRED: 11-01-2019

Merry Meet! The Adventures Continue! Tonight I was joined by Maja (Kitty Moon), the host of My Pagan Life! We talked about her path, how she got started and where she wants to go with her channel. To check out her show, go to http://bit.ly/MyPaganLife. Or, you can find her on Facebook at http://bit.ly/MyPaganLifeFB. To...

AIRED: 10-26-2019

Merry Meet! The veil is thinning as we approach Samhain. A common tale this time of year has to with the Wild Hunt. Who leads it? Where did it start? Who is the Sluagh? And then, onto the soapbox I go… Make sure you do your research!! Not all sources are created equal! Merry Part!...

AIRED: 10-25-2019