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AIRED: 07-13-2019

Thank you for joining me! Tonight we talked about Lammas also known as Lughnasdah or the celebration of Lord Lugh…It’s coming up on the first of August! We also touched on several of the other harvest deities associated with other paths. I also talked about several different ways to observe Lammas without coming out of the Broom Closet

website: www.etsy.com/shop/MonarchMtnStudio

website: www.etsy.com/shop/MonarchMtnStudio

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Merry Meet! Happy Full Moon! It’s the Cold Full Moon and boy howdy, it’s chilly out. Tonight, I reviewed which phase of the Moon gives the best energy for different ritual and/or spellwork. I also went over some great ways to celebrate the Full Moon and the energy it brings! What are YOUR experiences? Email...

AIRED: 02-27-2021

Merry Meet! Friday Rambles! Tonight I talked about expectations for Spiritual interactions, discussing the rise of Paganism and Witchcraft and why I think there are more of us than ever! Also, I touched on coming out of the Pagan Pantry to you loved ones… do you really need to? Nope. Do what is best for...

AIRED: 02-26-2021

Merry Meet! Do you ever just need a break? Don’t be afraid to take one! If you can recognize that you need to take a break, don’t be so hard on yourself! What are the signs that you might need to put down the wand and take a break? What are YOUR experiences? Email me...

AIRED: 02-20-2021

Merry Meet! Tonight, I’m talking about Spoon Theory. . . no, it’s not really Paganism or Witchcraft, but it can still apply. I’m also talking about Truth. Is it definitive? Does it change? Is it the same for everyone? Great call with Nash! What are YOUR experiences? Email me at [email protected]! For more info on...

AIRED: 02-19-2021

Merry Meet! There are several Deities associated with Love… It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow… So what’s love got to do with it? What IS the origin of Valentine’s Day? What are YOUR experiences? Email me at [email protected]! For more info on the Pagan community here in the Pacific Northwest, check out www.spokanepagans.com! Links for this show:...

AIRED: 02-13-2021

Merry Meet! Bards have been a part of history for millennia. If you wanted news or entertainment, often you were visited by a Bard. Magick and Music have gone hand in hand ever since the first tale and song was spun. What are YOUR experiences? Email me at [email protected]! For more info on the Pagan...

AIRED: 02-12-2021