Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 24, 2014


Not everyone can have Mary Poppins as a babysitter.

Sometimes you’re stuck with a person like Martha Dreher, a 57-year-old Texas woman so f*cking pissed off at the two girls she was tasked to care for, that she allegedly set their house on fire. Talk about anger management.

Martha Dreher is charged with arson, accused of setting a fire in the two girls’ rooms while their father, Glenn Williams, was out of town with his daughters.

Dreher, 57, had worked for the family for a few months. She denied setting the fire at the family’s home in Austin, Texas, but told investigators she was tired of dealing with the girls and wanted to quit, according to Williams.

“She said that it was horrible, that the girls — my oldest — had been very disrespectful,” said Williams.

Surveillance video captured Dreher driving up to the empty house earlier this month, then leaving 20 minutes later as flames were visible from the girls’ bedroom, police say. Hours later, the girls’ brother came home.

“My son Adam came in and said, ‘Dad, I just went to the kitchen — lot of smoke,’” Williams said.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident and the fire mostly only affected the girls’ bedrooms.

Dreher hadn’t mentioned exactly what the “disrespectful” behavior was, but I’d venture to guess it’s the usual kid crap like talking back, being messy, not sleeping on time, etc., — obviously all offenses punishable by death. Uhh, no. Dang, just shut down the WiFi and confiscate their phones and that probably would’ve been 10x more effective.