Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
May 28, 2014


Over the last few days most people have referred to Elliot Rodger as a “mass shooter” or “mass shooting”. This is a fallacious idea put out by gun control advocates and should not be repeated by any liberty minded person. The FBI defines a “mass murder” as “a person who murders four or more people in a short period of time, typically without a cooling off period”. Therefore it’s reasonable to apply the same standard to the term “mass shooter”.

Elliot Rodger stabbed three people and used a firearm to murder another three. This would make him a “mass murder” under the textbook definition but not a “mass shooter”. However, even this is a fallacy in itself because it’s been proven that there was a second shooter, so we can’t say for certain Elliot Rodger meets the criteria of a “mass murderer” until we find out how many people he killed and how many the mystery suspect killed.

Mainstream media outlets are not even correcting themselves because their agenda is to make gun control the solution. In fact, they are leading people to believe that all six victims were murdered with firearms. If people stopped to think for a moment that a gun ban would not have prevented the deaths of the three stabbing victims, then gun-control would be off the agenda.

CNN and other mainstream outlets have purposefully covered up the facts in this case. As we detailed here on Truth Frequency Radio, initial reports and witness statements identified a second shooter. Kev Baker even obtained the police radio transmissions. However, the mainstream media has done everything they can to convince people that Elliot Rodger acted alone.

In the following clip you will see a demonstration of the media spin and hype. Notice how the witness is allowed to speak for a mere 6 seconds. The witness never actually stated there was only one gunman. CNN reporters state that the witness said there is only one shooter and reenforces that idea by playing sound bytes leading the viewer to believe there is only one shooter. Why do they not allow the viewers to hear testimony in the words of the witness? Because it doesn’t fit the “lone gunman” gun-control agenda.

If the mainstream media and government were really looking for a resolution to “gun violence” they would examine the correlation between the rise of prescription drug use and rampage type shootings/ acts of violence. But instead the immediate answer is Gun Control! Gun Control! Gun Control! Don’t play into this agenda by using the term “mass shooting” to define this.

The following day in Myrtle Beach, three people were shot and killed. Why is this not a national tragedy? Because the shooters and victims were poor and the gun violence was done by criminals who obtained guns illegal. This doesn’t fit the anti-gun agenda and just makes people realize that criminals will obtain guns, despite gun bans, and commit crimes. Gun violence is an unfortunate problem we face in our entire world, whether in the USA where we have a second amendment right or in China that boasts the tightest gun restrictions in the world.

Police kill an average of 500 people per year. and in the last decade, more Americans have been killed by police than Americans in Iraq. . We don’t move to ban the police, do we? But we want to ban the guns, the only thing that can even protect us from criminals in uniform? Statistically speaking you are 300 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than you are “mass shooter”. Don’t be foolish and call for removal of the only thing that can protect you. Your right to defend yourself!