AIRED: 01-24-2021

If Globalists expected to erase President Trump’s patriots, Inauguration optics shouted Power to the People. Symbolically, the National Guard turned their backs on the phony Commander in Chief protecting him from the 200 + live audience who showed up to watch. Frosting on this farce, the White House front door was locked, because Trump fired the Butler that morning. Puppet Joe’s dementia is so bad. Biden said “salute the marines” (without actually doing so) when the voice in his earpiece spoke. Mercifully for Biden, the Inauguration was Wednesday. So Biden only had to work two days before taking the weekend off. Phew! Good thing, too. In those 48 hours, Puppet Joe killed 40,000 jobs; eviscerated women’s sports; ordered ICE to halt deportations and release l criminal illegals. Oh yes, and he fussed over Pronouns. Your faithful Hosts concur Puppet Joe has FRAUDULENT authority and his Executive Orders are therefore FRAUDULENT. We all agree BOTH Joe AND Kamala must be removed from power. As you’ll discover each of us has very different ideas how to go about that. It’s sort of funny to watch panic set in Washington, as Republicans feel blow back from Trump supporters, and the power elite acknowledge the SHIT SHOW they’ve inflicted on our nation. The Tectonic plates under the Capitol Building have shifted. A Full Scale Mutiny is getting underway. WE ARE THE RESISTANCE.

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Strategy of Tension: A policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. The purpose is to create a general feeling of insecurity in the population and make people seek security in a strong government. Today’s guest, Eric Galati, pulls brilliantly from Italian neo-fascism and contemporary American politics to demonstrate what some have called the...

AIRED: 10-30-2022