Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Jul 06, 2013

Despite President Obama’s threat of military force against the Egyptian people and the Muslim Brotherhood’s threat of Jihadist-style bombings, Egypt has installed Former UN Nuclear Agency’s Mohammed Elbaradie as the new Egyptian President. Elbaradie was one of the first outspoken voices against the Mubarak regime. He was also the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2005 although that doesn’t mean much (considering Obama is also a Nobel Peace Price and guilty of more war crimes than Bush and Cheney combined).

Elbaradie founded the “Constitutional Party” which is viewed as a counter-movement to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. Many believe Elbaradie will lead Egypt into a politically secular direction. Elbaradie believes that Egypt was heading for a civil war if the military did not step in to remove Morsi.

Speaking in front of tens of thousands, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Badie demanded the military reinstall Morsi after military threats from President Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood is stating that Zionists and Americans are behind the coup in Egypt and the installation of Elbaradie. This could very well be another American “Problem Reaction Solution” scenario, and Elbaradie could indeed be yet another Western puppet installed to expand the American Empire.

Tahrir Square is still continued to fill with people supporting Morsi’s removal.

FLASHBACK: In the Summer of 2012, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s power grab in Egypt called for the destruction of the Great Pyramids, as commanded by the Prophet Mohammed. In the 7th century, book burnings were easy but bringing down the pyramids and their Sphinx guardian served to be an impossible challenge. However with today’s technology, bringing down these structures reputed to be anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 years old is as easy as pushing a button. The plan did not go into action in the 368-day rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.