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Aug 08, 2014

Several Britons quarantined for Ebola amidst claims the virus may be airborne

August 2014UNITED KINGDOM – Several British nationals have been voluntarily quarantined with suspected Ebola, according to the Daily Telegraph. The admission came from public health officials and follows revelations an individual in Cardiff had expressed fears they had contracted the disease. The exact number of people quarantined and their exact location have not been confirmed, but they are believed to be spread across the UK. The problem faced by public health authorities is that tests for Ebola are ineffective until the patients show symptoms. This means that they have to wait up to 21 days, which is the maximum incubation period. The World Health Organization has also claimed that the virus is spreading faster than they can control. This may be because of a misunderstanding about how the virus is transmitted; in 2012 a study suggested that Ebola may be transmitted through the air. Whilst the study was not conclusive the BBC reported that Canadian scientists had found that Ebola had been transmitted between animals that had never come into direct contact. This suggests that the current theory that it is only transmitted by exchange of bodily fluids may be wrong. However it is known that the individual in Cardiff has been confined to their home for the past week, after they returned from West Africa. The person visited West Africa where more than 1,600 people have been infected with the virus in recent months, resulting in 887 deaths. Public Health Wales said the person is “currently staying away from work and limiting contact with other people voluntarily.” A health official admitted there were “several cases” across the UK, but stressed the quarantines were purely a precaution as none of them had developed any symptoms of Ebola.
Anna Humphries, of Public Health Wales, said: “There are other people in the UK, not in Wales, but we are aware of other people that have come back from affected countries and have been at risk because whatever they have done while they have been over there. They have been in a similar situation and they have been monitored for an incubation period to check they have not gone onto develop symptoms. There is a process for dealing with returning travelers and this is an example of that. Quarantine really depends on where exactly they have been.” A statement from Public Health Wales insisted that the individual in quarantine does not have symptoms and “there are no cases of Ebola in Wales. The statement added: “We are alert to the possibility of Ebola cases in the UK, given the outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, and we remain vigilant to unexplained illness in people who have travelled from the area. Processes have been developed to protect public health in the event that we are notified of any individual who may have been exposed to Ebola.” As reported in Breitbart London British Airways have decided to suspend flights to a number of West African countries until the end of the month in an effort to reduce the risk of Ebola spreading to the UK. –Breitbart


Ebola outbreak could inspire African terrorist groups to weaponize the virus: Experts

Homeland Security News Wire

Recent discussions about Ebola have mainly focused on the disease as a public health hazard, but counterterrorism officials are concerned that the new outbreak could inspire terror groups, specifically those based in West Africa, to weaponize the virus. The fear of weaponized Ebola dates back decades to when the Soviet Union’s VECTOR program, aimed at researching biotechnology and virology, was thought to have researched the creation of Ebola for warfare. In 1992 a Japanese cult group called Aum Shinrikyo tried, but failed, to collect samples of the Ebola virus in Zaire.

Recent discussions about Ebola have mainly focused on the disease as a public health hazard, but counterterrorism officials are concerned that the new outbreak could inspire terror groups, specifically those based in West Africa, to weaponize the virus. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has been working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and biotech firm Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. to develop a treatment for Ebola. The “secret serum” was recently used to treat two American health workers who are infected with the virus (see “Disagreement over use of experimental drugs in desperate effort to contain Ebola outbreak,” HSNW, 11 July 2014).

As far back as 2010, the Defense Department (DOD) has been researching treatments for Ebola. Most notably, the U.S. Army’s Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and DOD’s Joint Project Manager Transformational Medical Technologies Office signed a $140 million contract with Tekmira to develop a treatment for the virus. The collaboration was extended in 2013, and when the first cases of Ebola reemerged in March 2014, Tekmira was granted a Fast Track designation from the Food and Drug Administration for the development of TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola viral therapeutic.

That the U.S. government takes the potential of Ebola as a bio-terror agent seriously is clear from the fact that it has invested tens of millions of dollars in vaccine and therapy research over the last decade,” says Peter D. Walsh, a professor at Cambridge University. The Washington Post reports that Amy Derrick-Frost, a spokeswoman for DOD, acknowledged that the department maintains research interests for protection against intentional use and natural exposure to Ebola as the virus may pose a danger to its personnel around the world. Pharmaceutical firms have few incentives to develop a treatment for Ebola since the virus is rare and naturally limited to sub-Saharan Africa; therefore research funded by DOD is vital for an Ebola treatment. The fear of weaponized Ebola dates back decades to when the Soviet Union’s VECTOR program, aimed at researching biotechnology and virology, was thought to have researched the creation of Ebola for warfare. The Post reports that in 1992, a Japanese cult group called Aum Shinrikyo tried but failed to collect samples of the Ebola virus in Zaire. “Ebola is among a handful of emerging infectious diseases that have historically been explored as a potential biological weapon, and we (DOD) are closely monitoring these types of infectious diseases,” Amy Derrick-Frost explained.

Though the concern for weaponized Ebola is appropriate, experts doubt that West African terror groups have the scientific skills and ambition to wage such objective, adding that Ebola is not airborne, which limits the number of casualties a terror group could target. A 2013 essay published by Amanda M. Teckman in the Global Policy Journal raised concerns about weaponized Ebola, but Teckman recently noted that the danger is “not probable” because weaponizing Ebola requires the knowledge and tools to store and disperse the virus.



REALIST NEWS – Don’t Fall For the Ebola SCAM – Remember Bird Flu 2009?


Bombshell! Ebola Spread To US ‘Inevitable’ CDC Director Says – Full Hearing Video

(Before It’s News)

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


Tom Frieden, the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dropped a bombshell at a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations on Thursday, stating that an Ebola spread to the US is “inevitable.”

“It’s the first time we’re having to deal with it here in the United States and that’s not merely because of the two people who became ill caring for Ebola patients and were brought back to the U.S. by their organization. That’s primarily because we are all connected and inevitably there will be travelers, American citizens and others who go from these three countries — or from Lagos if it doesn’t get it under control — and are here with symptoms,” said Frieden.

Frieden also stated “It is certainly possible that we could have ill people in the US who develop Ebola after having been exposed elsewhere.”

Frieden assured the members that any spread of Ebola in the US would not be a large scale outbreak, yet with African authorities already calling it it “out of control,” in the infected countries there, that is a guarantee that Frieden simply cannot make credibly.

Ebola kills uo to 90 percent of those that become infected and is responsible for over 900 deaths and infected more than 1,700, during this latest outbreak, officially, yet authorities admit the death toll could be higher due to the nature of the virus and unreported cases.

The full hearing can be seen in the first video below, sound and the actual start of this hearing begins at the 19:37 minute mark.




CDC Ebola Quarantine Map Lines Up Perfectly With Immigration Map – Why?

(Before It’s News)

This is an excellently done new video by Professor Doom1 that compares the newly released CDC ebola quarantine map with a map of where immigrants are now being shipped into America; the results are startling and as our videographer calls out, you must see it to believe it!


Why would the CDC be setting up all of these ebola quarantine centers in nearly the exact same locations that Barack Obama is now sending children (and adults) who are here illegally from south of the border? Check out the maps in the video; is this another sign that there is much more to the ebola/immigration equation than we are being told? Certainly it’s quite easy to see that where NO immigrants are being sent, there are NO ebola quarantine centers being set up! Why not?


CDC Calls It Apocalyptic! Capitol Hill Hearing On Ebola Outbreak in Africa

 (Before It’s News)

The newly released video report from Mary Greeley is not easy to listen to; this Capitol Hill hearing on the ebola outbreak in Africa features experts who have been there in the trenches, Dr. Frank Glover and Ken Isaacs. Isaacs warning about ebola is particularly grave, expecting it to destabilize entire countries, cause regional insecurities and ‘death tolls in numbers we cannot imagine’.:


Ken Isaacs, vice president of program and government relations at Samaritan’s Purse, said containment of the disease and international response has been “a failure,” and that he and members of his organization had been warning of the impending outbreaks since April.



He said epidemiologists expect the disease to spread, and then to go quiet for three weeks, and then to reemerge even worse. ” I think we are going to see the death toll in numbers we cannot imagine,” Isaacs said. “In the developing world, it has the potential to destabilize entire countries while creating widespread and even regional insecurity.”


In the 2nd video below, DAHBOO77 shares with us news about the CDC’s decision to ‘level 1′ ebola alert, the highest alert possible.


Ebola, Coca-Cola & FEMA Coffins Atlanta Connection?

(Before It’s News)


(N.Morgan) The Elite are mocking us with this Ebola outbreak and are showing us just how big of a joke this is. In a Coca-Cola commercial from Africa, they show a flash of the End Of The World message. Again, the Elite love toying with us and letting us know just how our lives mean nothing to them. In the video below, you must see this video and the coincidences pointed out in the video, by EX0MATRlXTV.

The use of Subliminal manipulation is a technique the Elites love to employ in our everyday lives. Subliminal perception is a deliberate process created by communication technicians, whereby you receive and respond to information and instructions without being aware of it. Messages in the form of printed words, pictures or voices presented either very rapidly or very obscurely bypass your conscious awareness. Anything consciously perceived can be evaluated, criticized, discussed, argued, and possibly rejected. Anything programmed subliminally to your subconsciousness meets no resistance. This subliminal information is stored in your brain and capable of influencing your judgment, behavior and attitudes.

The use of subliminal techniques in print communication media has been going on in the United States at least since the World War I period. For example, Norman Rockwell’s first cover on The Saturday Evening Post during 1917 incorporated embedded SEXes. Whenever an embedded word or picture accidentally became consciously visible, the readers would pass it off as a joke, an accident, or a product of their imaginations.

Serious commercial experiments with subliminal messaging were conducted in the mid 50-s. On June 22, 1956, the British Broadcasting Corporation experimented with projecting subliminal images on television. Pictures were flashed on the screen too quickly to be seen consciously, but they did make an impression on the subconscious. The BBC experiment was followed by experiments by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mexico’s Televisa commercial TV and radio network, US TV station WTWO in Bangor and many more.


 Pastor pleased Ebola ‘could solve America’s problems with Atheism and Homosexuality’


The worldwide Ebola epidemic has already killed more than 900, and people everywhere are nervous and anxious that the deadly virus with no known cure might break out in their country. For most people, certainly those living in America, those are unwarranted fears — doctors are warning about influenza, not Ebola. 
But leave it to the religious right to use Americans’ fears as a tool to evangelize.
Take Pastor Rick Wiles, who claims to be a journalist at TruNews, “an internationally recognized source of credible news and information in a world where nothing seems to make sense anymore.” 
“Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague,” Wiles tells his radio audience. “It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming. Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”
“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you’ve been marked by the angels so that you’re protected by God. If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”
Right Wing Watch, which obtained and published the audio of Wiles’ comments, notes that Pastor Wiles this week warned “that President Obama may intentionally spread Ebola using an ineffective vaccine, which would lead to Americans being forced into FEMA camps.”

Monsanto Invests in Ebola Vaccination – Would You Get Any Vaccination from Monsanto?