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Aug 06, 2014

The Ebola Strain Links African
Outbreak To A Lab Escape

By Yoichi Shimatsu , Rense

As newly arrived patients are treated at US hospitals in Atlanta and New York, the most alarming aspect of the spreading Ebola outbreak across four West African countries is the strain’s probable origin as an escapee from a medical-research laboratory.

As early as May, a prophetic warning came from Heinz Feldman, former head of the Canadian laboratory that created the ZMapp drug-cocktail used to treat missionary doctors Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. Now serving as chief virologist at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana, Feldman has urged a halt to international shipments of infected tissue and pressed for the formation of secure national laboratories in every country to handle samples of contagious pathogens (The New England Journal of Medicine).

The virologist, who provided medical aid to Sierra Leone, disclosed that it requires a 14-day period between shipping a medical sample from Liberia, hub of the pandemic, to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, before receiving a diagnosis. In the interval, physicians depend only physical symptoms as an indicator of the specific disease affecting patients, most of whom suffer multiple diseases and chronic disorders. The delay can be fatal to other patients and medical staff in cases of ebola virus infection.

Besides the long delays in a limbo of uncertainty, another potential problem is the mishandling of medical samples from clinics in isolated villages via informal transport networks of visiting doctors and couriers sent to the air-cargo offices. The odds of a medical technician or deliveryman accidentally breaking a container and self-infecting are not improbable, and in rebellion-torn regions like western Africa a small package en route can easily fall into the hands of marauding bands of rebels or criminal elements. The risks of inadvertent infection are unacceptably high.

Inefficient transport of medical samples could explain why the current Western African outbreak is not of the endemic (local-originated ) variant Ivory Coast ebola (EBO-C1). Instead, the now-prevalent virus is the foreign ZEBOV, or Zaire ebola, the most virulent of the four types of this pathogen.

In the 1990s, ZEBOV-infected parts of Zaire, since renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), were quarantined inside a World Health Organization (WHO) cordon, under a decontamination campaign that led to the chemical-spraying or burning down of entire villages. Since that horrific containment program in remote Central Africa, a rural area with few roads or communications links, the Zaire stain has been suppressed due to close monitoring by health authorities, border police and immigration officials.

How one of the deadliest viral strains in human history could have jumped a distance of 4,000 kilometers undetected from Central to West Africa defies logic. Retracing its path will be difficult to track down when West African medical personnel are overwhelmed with new cases while foreign physicians and non-governmental groups flee the region. The challenge of retracing Zaire ebola is compounded by the recent death of epidemiologist Sheik Humarr Khan, one of the continent’s top field doctors who was posted at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone.

As a stern precedent, the 2002 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong started with just one infected guest at the Metropole Hotel but quickly led to a wave of infections inside city hospitals and a WHO-imposed 6-month travel ban to the island. The arrival of an infected passenger at JFK Airport, New York, raises the threat of a similar public-health crisis across North America.

Bush’s Project BioShield

The chaos, delays and atmosphere of secrecy surrounding and undermining the global fight against contagious diseases is largely due to anti-terrorism concerns in the United States in the wake of the 2001 anthrax attacks after 911. In response to the mailings of “white powder” envelopes to Congress, the White House and federal agencies, President George W. Bush authorized Project BioShield as an integral part of his war on terrorism.

The ill-defined but sweeping BioShield program led to a bureaucratic consolidation of all related medical research under the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which handles many other issues ranging from aircraft safety and controls over explosives.

In a parallel extension of national security, the microbiology of infectious diseases was reclassified by the Pentagon as “biological-warfare countermeasures”, under the supervision of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (AMRAIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Bethesda, Md., home of military Walter Reed Hospital.

Defense Contractors Go Viral

Under an R&D “outsourcing” policy similar to the deployment of defense contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), based at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, has dispensed multimillion-dollar research contracts to large pharmaceuticals like GlaxoSmithKline and Rothschild-owned Sanofi, as well as smaller “favorite son” contractors with insider connections to the Defense Department or the CIA, including Mapp Biopharmaceutical based in San Diego.

The smaller biotech start-ups like Mapp are usually run by younger hotshot researchers out for fame and instant riches that come from playing fast-and-loose with biochemistry and medical ethics. Proprietary tussles with patent holders, rushed and sloppy lab procedures, budgetary corner-cutting, a competitive drive against more cautious labs, and executive misappropriation of grant monies can end up with the doctoring of lab results and other serious lapses.

Prior to the much-publicized single dose was donated to Dr. Brantly in Sierra Leone, two of the three antibodies in ZMapp drug cocktail had never been tested in macaque monkeys, much less in clinical trials with human patients. Tests in mice alone are inadequate and seriously unethical since small rodents have entirely different immune responses from humans to blood coagulation and lymph disorders. The sole “proof” of ZMapp’s efficacy and lack of side effects is the company’s own claims. Treatment without testing is reckless.

Since the provision of the untested drug violates FDA regulations, one is led to wonder if the two missionary doctors with Samaritan Purse, a group headed by evangelist Billy Graham’s millionaire son Franklin, were actually infected with Zaire ebola or by a much less-virulent strain of a similar disease. Perhaps their lives were saved with the high degree of confidence, shown by CDD officials, that could only come from secret clinical tests on prisoners, military personnel in Veterans Administration hospitals or unsuspecting patients in the developing world.

Mapping the Zaire Virus

Mapp Biopharmaceutical is the US-licensed patent holder for the drug cocktail administered to doctors Brantly and Writebol. San Diego-based Mapp Bio is merely the conduit for a Pentagon grant of $8 million in cost plus fees. The actual R&D done on the the ZMapp serum formulation involved a half-dozen other entities:

– the three drug components are commercially replicated through genetic modified (GM) tobacco plants at the Owensboro indoor farm of Kentucky Bioprocessing, a subsidiary of the Reynolds America cigarette company;

– proprietary holder of one of the antibodies, MB-003, is LeafBio, the San Diego-based US commercialization partner of Mapp Pharm;

– the intellectual property manager for the ZMAb antibody is Defyrus, a Toronto-based “private biodefence company that collaborates with public health agencies and military R&D partners in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to develop and sell a broad spectrum anti-viral drugs and vaccine system as medical countermeasures to bioterrorist threats and emerging infectious diseases;”

– the monkey lab research into ZMAb efficacy against Zaire ebola was done under Dr. Feldman during his term at the Special Pathogens Program of the Canadian National Health Agency in Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada;

– Defyrus acquired its profolio of biowarfare viruses from the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, a research arm of the British Ministry of Defence.

– The original patent holder of the UK Defence virus portfolio is The Queen of England and Canada, Elizabeth II, the world’s wealthiest individual.

The Pharma Cartel

This complex web of partnerships is a series of front companies, similar to how the Medellin cartel structures its operations in foreign markets. Instead of psychotropic drugs, the product is biowarfare toxins and their corollary, antidotes. The ethical situation becomes cloudier on the discovery that the” “self-sacrificing media-lionized Doctor Brantly belongs to an organization controlled by Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, notorious million-dollar annual income as CEO of a charity.

The current ebola “cure” is reminiscent of how former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s Gilead pharmaceuticals perfectly timed its marketing of Tamiflu at the height of the panic during the H5N1 avian influenza outbreaks of 2003-06. Infectious diseases and their dubious “cures” are being exploited in a mafia-style protection racket and governments and law-enforcement agencies have done nothing to stop it and instead promote these corporate labyrinths. After governments and consumers spent billions of dollars on supposed prevention, a panel of health experts recently declared that Tamiflu has been “largely ineffective.”

Not to be outdone by the Pentagon, the CIA also maintains a presence in the infectious disease field through USAID’s “emerging pandemic threat program” called PREDICT. One of the key participants was Brad Schneider, laboratory director for the NGO MetaBiota. The non-profit proffers its thinly veiled cover by proclaiming: “We offer a radically different approach to infectious disease threats. Our solutions transform health information into actionable intelligence.

Schneider, notably, is a Google scholar, and Google has the closest research relationship with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Actionable Intelligence? Is the CIA going to deliver pathogens with drone strikes?

Ebola as Weapon for Israel

ZEBOV from the Zaire outbreak was weaponized by the Soviet military, as revealed to the US Congress by defector Dr. Kenneth Alibeck in 1998. The former deputy director of Russia’s Biopreparal biosecurity program testified that ebola was a major target for weaponization and cloned with equine influenza. President Boris Yeltsin later confirmed such claims that Russia had continued to conduct biowarfare research after signing the Convention against Bioweapons.

Following the collapse of the USSR, many of the Soviet biowarfare experts accepted Israeli invitations to immigrate to the Jewish state. The Russian Jewish emigrees upgraded the in-house research at the Nes Ziona biowarfare center south of Tel Aviv. The Israeli biowarfare program began in the 1948 Nakba expulsion of Palestinians with the typhus poisoning of village water wells to discourage their return. The typhus samples were acquired by David Green Ben-Gurion, while the full-blown Israeli biowarfare program was later inaugurated by President Ephraim Katachalsky Katzir. The Israeli biowarfare program has since been greatly enhanced with biotech expertise at Ben Gurion University in the Negev and the Rothschild-financed Ariel University.

The epicenter of ebola and the related Marburg filovirus has special interest for Israel, which is a supporter of the Tutsi government in Rwanda, bordering mineral-rich Congo-Zaire, and in West Africa, a center of “blood” diamond mining. The focus on a Zionist connection arises from the close cooperation between Israel and the apartheid South African regime in the development of genetic-targeted microorganisms. The fact that researchers of European ancestry have survived the first phase of the West African contagion tentatively points to a well-planned campaign of extermination of African people, and is therefore not just a mere public-health threat but a crime against humanity of the highest order.

The speed of this spreading pandemic and the ongoing evacuation of foreign medical personnel will make it practically impossible to identify Patient A, who carried ebola from Zaire to Western Africa. Without that elusive bit of information, it will be difficult to conclusively determine whether the reemergence of Zaire ebola is the result of an unintended virus escape from a medical laboratory or a deliberate act of genocidal terrorism.

Yoichi Shimatsu, a Hong Kong-based science journalist, led public-health information programs on innovative approaches to stopping the SARS coronavirus outbreak and Asian avian influenza pandemics. He also investigated attempts by the Aum Shinrikyo sect in Japan to obtain ebola virus samples from Central Africa.

BOOM: Top Ebola Scientist Joked About Culling Humanity with Engineered Virus

Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton

TruthStream Media

Media coverage is now focusing on the experimental Ebola treatments being given to two American Ebola patients who contracted it while caring for victims in Africa — the site of the world’s deadliest outbreak.

But that Ebola treatment, created by a leading bioengineering scientist from the University of Arizona who “joked” about wiping out humanity with a “better” genetically engineered virus during a post-lecture Q&A focused on over-population issues, citing the Hollywood film ‘Contagion.’

As Truthstream Media previously reported, on February 2, 2012, Dr. Charles Arntzen, head of The Biodesign Institute for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, responded to a question pertaining to whether feeding the 8 billion people of the world was worth it, or whether population reduction should be pursued.

The scientist quipped:

“Has anybody seen ‘Contagion’? That’s the answer! Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus… 25 percent of the population is supposed to go in Contagion.”

Check it out in live color in the video report below:

While this comment was made prior to the current Ebola outbreak fears, it is unsettling given the high level projects Dr. Arntzen has worked on for DARPA, as well as private biotech research. Among these are storable genetically engineered Anthrax vaccines for use during a biological attack, an edible vaccine with genetically engineered medicine/vitamins grown into foods like bananas and even work supporting efforts by EpiCyte to create a spermicidal anti-bodies grown in corn to slow human reproduction.

Statements like these hardly convey trust in a process that is already less than transparent and prone to speculation, various states of unrest and panic on the part of the public. The Daily Mail reported that much of the local population in Sierra Leone have been distrustful of medical workers there and blamed the deaths on a ‘government conspiracy’

Someone casually remarking on culling some 25% of the population with a bioweapon is THE LAST PERSON you’d want to trust with creating an already dangerous countermeasure to Ebola, which carries a death rate as high as 90%.

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton are some of the best independent researchers in all media. You can find their work at, subscribe to them on YouTube, or Follow them on Twitter.


 Liberian horrors: Ebola victims bodies dumped in the street, wells poisoned to kill off population

Ebola victim
August 2014AFRICA – Relatives of Ebola victims in Liberia defied government orders and dumped infected bodies in the streets as West African governments struggled to enforce tough measures to curb an outbreak of the virus that has killed 887 people. In Nigeria, which recorded its first death from Ebola in late July, authorities in Lagos said eight people who came in contact with the deceased U.S. citizen Patrick Sawyer were showing signs of the deadly disease. The outbreak was detected in March in the remote forest regions of Guinea, where the death toll is rising. In neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia, where the outbreak is now spreading fastest, authorities deployed troops to quarantine the border areas where 70 percent of cases have been detected. Those three countries announced a raft of tough measures last week to contain the disease, shutting schools and imposing quarantines on victim’s homes, amid fears the incurable virus would overrun healthcare systems in one of the world’s poorest regions. In Liberia’s ramshackle ocean-front capital Monrovia, still scarred by a 1989-2003 civil war, relatives of Ebola victims were dragging bodies onto the dirt streets rather than face quarantine, officials said. Information Minister Lewis Brown said some people may be alarmed by regulations imposing the decontamination of victims’ homes and the tracking of their friends and relatives. With less than half of those infected surviving the disease, many Africans regard Ebola isolation wards as death traps.
They are therefore removing the bodies from their homes and are putting them out in the street. They’re exposing themselves to the risk of being contaminated,” Brown told Reuters. “We’re asking people to please leave the bodies in their homes and we’ll pick them up.” Brown said authorities had begun cremating bodies on Sunday, after local communities opposed burials in their neighborhoods, and had carried out 12 cremations on Monday. Meanwhile, in the border region of Lofa County, troops were deployed on Monday night to start isolating effected communities there. “We hope it will not require excessive force, but we have to do whatever we can to restrict the movement of people out of affected areas,” Brown said. Finance minister Amara Konneh said the country’s growth forecast for the year was no longer looking realistic as a result of the outbreak. Sierra Leone’s foreign minister Samura Kamara also said that the virus had cost the government $10 million so far and was hampering efforts to stimulate growth. British Airways said it was suspending flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone until the end of the month due to public health concerns. Germany joined France and the United States in advising against travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, saying there was still no end in sight to the spread of the disease. Concern grew over an outbreak in Lagos, Africa’s largest city, after medical authorities there said they had quarantined 14 people who came into contact with Sawyer after he arrived on a regional flight from Liberia. The airline Asky has since been barred from Nigeria. “Of the 14 who have had serious contact with the victim, eight have serious symptoms,” Lagos Health Commissioner Jide Idris told a news conference. “Only one of those quarantined has tested positive … The doctor who tested positive is now on the mainland under intensive care.” With healthcare systems in the West African nations overrun by the epidemic, the African Development Bank and World Bank said they would immediately disburse $260 million to the three countries worst affected – Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. –Reuters
Wells poisoned in Liberia: Armed men have allegedly poisoned wells and other water bodies in Liberia’s New Georgia in order to kill the residents under the pretext of Ebola outbreak. The water from the wells and pumps has been used by thousands of people in the area. At least 16 people are suspected to be dead because of well-poisoning in the Margibi community. It is still unclear what the exact motive of the culprits was. Witnesses have reported sighting armed men introducing suspected poisonous substances using syringes. The villagers reported the incident to the police and investigators are said to be looking into the matter. “Nobody is having exact information as to the diagnosis and everybody is confused. So the [well poisoning] incident that happened yesterday at the [New Georgia] junction is a wakeup call on the government, especially the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW), to test the water in every well,” Buston Kolliegbo, a resident, told the Daily Observer. The incident has reportedly caused panic in the region and fears over Ebola outbreak have compounded their woes. –IB Times


 Possible carrier of Ebola virus being monitored in Wales

August 2014 WALES – Britain may be facing its first case of Ebola. A person in Wales is being monitored by health officials following a potential exposure to the virus. Though the individual is not showing any concrete symptoms of the virus, the person has voluntarily limited their contact with others and will not be going to work, Public Health Wales (PHW) confirmed on Tuesday. It is believed the individual may have been exposed to the virus in West Africa. The recent outbreak of Ebola has so far killed 887 people across Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. Over 1,600 separate cases of the virus have been detected throughout the region. There are currently no confirmed incidences of the virus in Wales, or in the wider United Kingdom. “We are alert to the possibility of Ebola cases in the UK given the outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea and we remain vigilant to unexplained illness in people who have traveled from the area,” PHW told the Independent on Tuesday. Measures are currently in place to protect public health in the event of an outbreak in the region, Public Health Wales added. The potential Ebola carrier is not currently in hospital, according to a Public Health England (PHE) spokeswoman. But if the individual develops suspicious symptoms, the person will be quarantined in a local hospital and receive medical tests to discern whether he or she has contracted the deadly disease, the spokeswoman added.
If it is confirmed that the individual has been infected with Ebola, he or she will be transferred to a specialist London-based hospital and cared for in isolation. The PHE spokeswoman was unable to comment where the individual suspected of carrying the virus had traveled from, or whether the person was a tourist or health worker. As a precautionary measure, GPs in England and Wales have been advised to ask patients who report apparently benign flu-like symptoms if they have passed through the affected regions, she said. Last week, PHE experts briefed UK Border Agency representatives along with airport staff throughout the country on how to successfully identify symptoms of the disease. They were also advised on how to cope with infected passengers, according to Dr Brian McCloskey, director of global health at PHE. “This is easily the biggest Ebola outbreak we have ever seen,” Dr. McCloskey warned. “And it is clearly not yet under control.” PHE’s decision to brief UK Border Agency representatives and airport staff was sparked after Patrick Sawyer – who tragically died of the disease – boarded a number of international flights in Africa, despite showing signs of the virus. Sawyer was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea when he caught a flight from Liberia, stopped over in Ghana, caught another plane to Togo, and finally passed away in Nigeria. Following the tragic event, doctors throughout the world have been advised to be on alert for patients displaying early symptoms of the fatal disease, which include headaches, joint and muscle pain, fever, and a loss of appetite. More advanced symptoms include vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, and internal and external bleeding – often from the nose, eyes, or mouth. –RT


 What you haven’t been told: American Ebola victims are the subjects of a science experiment

August 2014AFRICA – In the absence of official confirmation about how the two American patients with Ebola are being treated, rumor and speculation filled the void. First were the reports that the blood serum of a teenage Ebola survivor may have saved Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who contacted the deadly disease in Liberia while working with the Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse. The latest news centers around an experimental “secret serum” called ZMapp. Already, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has proclaimed that the medicine “appears to have worked.” Sadly, Dr. Gupta seems to be over-promising. Here’s why. Treating Ebola with the blood of a survivor: The science behind the first alleged treatment — using the blood serum of a survivor to cure those who are suffering — is the subject of controversy in the Ebola research community, said Dr. Thomas Geisbert, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas Medical Branch. “Back in 1995 during the large outbreak of Ebola Zaire virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there were reports that convalescent serum was used from people who survived Ebola to treat people who were infected,” he said. A small case series report about the treatment involving eight patients was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Only one of the eight people died- a fatality rate much lower than the then-outbreak, which killed some 80 percent of those infected.
Unfortunately, however, the serum theory was not confirmed by later studies. “When we tested that hypothesis in a lab, and took convalescent blood from animals who survived and gave it to Ebola-infected animals, they all died,” said Dr. Geisbert. “There was the belief that most of those patients treated were in the process of recovering anyway.” Yesterday, the “secret serum” called ZMapp emerged as the primary treatment of the Americans. This is an antibody therapy developed by several stakeholders — Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc. and LeafBio in San Diego, Defyrus Inc. from Toronto, the U.S. government and the Public Health Agency of Canada — to treat Ebola. It’s made up of a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies, which are just lab-produced molecules that mimic the body’s immune response. To create these molecules, scientists gave mice Ebola proteins and watched the animals’ immune systems respond. After identifying the antibodies that fought off the disease in mice, they created almost identical antibodies from plants for use in humans. The idea is that, when given to Ebola-infected people, the drug will boost their immune system so that they too can eliminate the virus. But this drug has never undergone testing in people, only monkeys. The data on the efficacy of ZMapp in monkeys has never even been published.
Studies on similar drugs are not entirely confidence inducing, either. In this study, two of the four monkeys given monoclonal antibodies 48 hours after exposure to Ebola survived. In this second study, the animals had a 43 percent survival rate when given the drug cocktail after the onset of symptoms. So even though the treatment of monoclonal antibodies decreased the mortality rate — if given close to exposure of the illness —  scientists haven’t moved past these tiny animal studies to testing in actual people. Mapp Biopharmaceuticals is also just one of some 25 labs in seven countries working on these antibody cocktails for Ebola, and none of them have entered a phase one trial in humans, according to the journal Science. For this reason Dr. Martin Hirsch, a Harvard virologist, told Vox, “It’s too premature to say that the patients being treated miraculously improved.” That doesn’t mean ZMapp isn’t a promising therapy, however. It just means the American Ebola victims are effectively undergoing a science experiment. Even if they survive, it wasn’t necessarily the drug that saved their lives. Over 20 percent of people who get this type of Ebola survive. To know whether the drug truly works, it needs to be properly tested in clinical trials. And doing that will require funding drug companies and governments may not want to invest.
Why ZMapp? According to the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Samaritan’s Purse contacted CDC officials working in Liberia. They asked about the status of several experimental Ebola treatments that they had identified for possible use in the infected American missionaries. “CDC officials referred them to an NIH scientist who was on the ground in West Africa assisting with outbreak response efforts and broadly familiar with the various experimental treatment candidates,” said an NIH spokesperson. “The scientist was able to informally answer some questions and referred them to appropriate company contacts to pursue their interest in obtaining experimental product.” Right now, Samaritan’s Purse will not confirm why ZMapp ended up being the chosen treatment. –VOX


 Saudi Arabia tests first suspected Ebola case: outbreak worse than people know


August 2014 SAUDI ARABIA – Saudi Arabia is testing a man for suspected Ebola infection after he returned recently from a business trip to Sierra Leone, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. It said the man, a Saudi in his 40s, was at a hospital in the Red Sea city of Jeddah after showing “symptoms of viral hemorrhagic fever,” which resemble symptoms of the Ebola virus. The ministry said it had taken precautionary measures, including isolating the patient at a specialist hospital and had sent blood samples to an international laboratory in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) for further checks. Ebola is one of the deadliest diseases known in humans with a case fatality rate of up to 90 percent. The death rate in the current West Africa outbreak is around 60 percent. –Arabian Business
Outbreak worse than we know: The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in history could actually be much worse than the official death toll reflects. Already, the World Health Organization says 887 people have died, but a top doctor working at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa says many cases are going unreported. The senior doctor, who works for a leading medical organization in Liberia, explained to CBS News’ Debora Patta that what has helped set this outbreak apart from previous ones is the virus’ spread in urban areas. One of the epicenters of the disease is the Liberian capital of Monrovia, home to about a million people, or almost a quarter of the country’s population. The doctor, who spoke to CBS News on condition of confidentiality, said the disease is spinning out of control in Africa partly because it is extremely difficult to contain it in a sprawling, congested city center.
The official Ebola death toll jumped from 729 to 887 on Monday as Liberia confirmed dozens of new cases, but the doctor told us he believes the real number is at least 50 percent higher. He put this down to the fact that people are scared to report Ebola cases, and have instead been hiding sick relatives and burying the still-contagious bodies of the dead in secret. Traditions in parts of West Africa involve touching bodies before burial — potentially putting unknown numbers of family and community members at risk. The Liberian government has ordered that the corpses of all Ebola victims be cremated. The international non-profit group Doctors Without Borders has issued a statement saying it is over-stretched and under-staffed on the ground in the region, and its workers still don’t have a full grasp on all the infected areas. The implication in that statement is that the disease could be quietly spreading in parts of Liberia and neighboring nations where victims’ families have not yet come forward. –CBS
UPATESaudi man tested for Ebola dies in hospital: A Saudi national, who fell ill after returning from Sierra Leone, died early Wednesday in his hospital isolation ward where he was being tested for the Ebola virus, said the Saudi Health Ministry. The 40-year-old returned on Sunday from Sierra Leone, where there has been an Ebola outbreak, and was then hospitalized in Jiddah after showing symptoms of the viral hemorrhagic fever. The patient’s samples are being tested in an international reference lab on the advice of the World Health Organization. He had already tested negative for dengue fever. Different types of viral hemorrhagic fevers have been found in the kingdom, but the ministry statement said no case of Ebola has ever been detected there. Ebola, which has no proven vaccine or treatment, has killed nearly 900 people this year in four countries in West Africa. Saudi Arabia announced in April that it was not issuing visas this year to Muslim pilgrims from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea as a precaution to avoid the spread during the hajj pilgrimage, which sees massive crowds of people from around the world gather in Mecca. Saudi Ambassador in Guinea Amjad Bedaiwi was quoted in the Saudi Arab News Wednesday saying the decision affects a total of 7,400 pilgrims from those three countries. –ABC News  + filed August 6, 2014


The Ebola Virus Pandemic: “A Weapon of Mass Destruction”?

Global Research

This year’s first outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever virus Ebola started in February in the West African nation of Guinea. It then began spreading to Liberia and, for the first time, to Sierra Leone and now Nigeria. With the possible spread to England in attempts to trace 30,000 people who might have been exposed, and now an American death in Nigeria and two more Americans afflicted with it here in the US, Ebola has rapidly grown into what could become a global epidemic with a potential capacity to wipe out millions.

According to recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) released just last week, at least 672 people have died out of a total of 1,201 cases so far this year in West Africa. However, seven days later the number of fatalities has jumped to 887, a spike of over 200 deaths in just the last few days.

Because the incubation period may last ten days while the infected victim may not even be aware of any illness, the virus is highly contagious. Then what begins like typical flu symptoms of fever, later vomiting as the virus spreads rapidly inside the body causing people to succumb often within days of its onset. Victims literally die from internal bleeding that in the final stages can flow out of every orifice. It has the trappings of a ghastly zombie science fiction nightmare come true.

There is no standard treatment (other than isolating the infected and quarantining those at risk). Nor is there yet an official vaccine, although Reuters just announced that as early as next month the US government will commence testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on humans after positive results were found on primates. It has been reported that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) infectious disease unit and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be running vaccine trials “as quickly as possible.”

The Department of Defense and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classify the Ebola virus as a biowarfare agent. Reports of up to 90% of humans infected die within a very short time. Therefore, it is a very real, extremely potent potential weapon of mass destruction.

Every single day Ebola keeps cropping up in different places, eight cases spreading into Africa’s most populated nation Nigeria, several more now have surfaced beyond the African continent with suspected new cases in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. At least six others fresh off flights from West Africa are currently being quietly tested at locations here in the US in New York, Philadelphia and Ohio. With all the latest news of the spreading outbreak understandably giving rise to public fear and panic that it is just a plane ride away now, millions if not billions on this planet are pondering whether the African pandemic might be rapidly turning into a global epidemic spreading to every corner of the earth. Of course to reduce these concerns, the World Health Organization (WHO) and US government are busily downplaying the risks to citizens here in North America.

Is it coincidence that the first two Americans suffering from the deadly disease are now inside the US border? Is it coincidence that the most deadly outbreak of the disease in history has admittedly now killed nearly 900 West Africans already this year? Over 200 more than just a few days ago? Is it coincidence that President Obama has just signed an executive order to have the power to begin rounding up American citizens with respiratory diseases against their will? Is it coincidence that FEMA roundups are about to begin in Los Angeles, deceiving homeless people with the carrot stick of a meal to corral them into those FEMA concentration camps and Halliburton refurbished, soon to no longer be empty prisons we’ve been hearing about?

Throughout this last century the US government and military have a notorious track record for delving into the darkest, most sinister realms in its pathological, “cutting edge” pursuit of amassing the most powerful destructive forces on earth… from torturous mind control methods to unlawful, deceptive drug experimentation on unsuspecting soldiers acting as involuntary guinea pigs, to manipulating extreme weather events used as offensive weapons to create killer storms and droughts, to the use of potently lethal electromagnetic radio waves to alter and disturb the human mind and behavior that conceivably can even cause heart attacks.

For many decades the US military has been systematically carrying out numerous highly secretive black ops programs, from raining poisonous metals down on unsuspecting Americans as sprayed chemtrails to using poor inner city mostly African Americans in St Louis as guinea pigs directly firing radioactive volleys from urban rooftops just to see how humans react to high doses of radiation. Also throughout the 1950’s into the early 1960’s there was extensive atomic bomb testing in the Nevada-Utah desert sites as well as experimental weapons testing still being detonated to this day in the South Pacific, all done knowing that downwind are unsuspecting, unprotected human victims. For four decades right up until 1972, 400 poor black sharecroppers in Tuskegee, Alabama were purposely infected syphilis just to study the effects. As if that was not enough, US government scientists infected Guatemalans in the 1940’s also with syphilis just to experiment with penicillin. This ultra-covert, highly unethical and illegal, malevolent practice of customarily misusing science, often at top universities with unlimited taxpayer funding to harness brilliant yet twisted scientific minds to unleash Nazi Dr. Mengele-type nightmarish experimentation on innocent human populations is nothing new. For obvious reasons it has largely been kept secret and hidden from public view and awareness. But enough concrete evidence has been uncovered over the years to show how willingly diabolical the US military consistently is toward harming even its own citizens.

Less hidden but far more devastating evil acts have been perpetrated by American armed forces on civilians throughout the world. Senselessly destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki as densely populated Japanese cities became the first intended targets and human guinea pigs of the atomic bomb. And President Truman ordered it even knowing Japan had all but surrendered already. But even prior to the Enola Gay dropping the atomic bomb, the US has used chemical warfare killing people all over the globe with Monsanto made napalm bombs that in one single attack wiped out 100,000 Japanese citizens. Hundreds of thousands of Southeastern Asians were napalmed to death during the Vietnam War. White phosphorus has been used to melt human flesh in Iraq and Israel has used it against Palestinians. Millions and millions of innocent humans have been murdered as a result of these most heinous international crimes against humanity decade after decade after decade with complete impunity at the hands of both the US and Israeli military.

So developing biological weapons from collecting monstrously lethal specimens of the Ebola virus should come as no surprise. Or when considering this already long and extensive US military history, repeatedly guilty of human slaughter on such mammoth, unprecedented scale, it should not be so shocking to realize the military purpose of Ebola as yet another highly destructive weapon in its vast lethal arsenal could be potentially used to eliminate an enormous segment of this planet’s readily expendable current human population.

This year’s first outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever virus Ebola started in February in the West African nation of Guinea. It then began spreading to Liberia and, for the first time, to Sierra Leone and now Nigeria. With the possible spread to England in attempts to trace 30,000 people who might have been exposed, and now an American death in Nigeria and two more Americans afflicted with it here in the US, Ebola has rapidly grown into what could become a global epidemic with a potential capacity to wipe out millions. According to recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) released just last week, at least 672 people have died out of a total of 1,201 cases so far this year in West Africa. However, seven days later the number of fatalities has jumped to 887, a spike of over 200 deaths in just the last few days.

Because the incubation period may last ten days while the infected victim may not even be aware of any illness, the virus is highly contagious. Then what begins like typical flu symptoms of fever, later vomiting as the virus spreads rapidly inside the body causing people to succumb often within days of its onset. Victims literally die from internal bleeding that in the final stages can flow out of every orifice. It has the trappings of a ghastly zombie science fiction nightmare come true.

In 1976 the Ebola outbreak first surfaced in Zaire (now the Republic of the Congo) and then concurrently in Sudan though with different strains, killing 280 people out of 318 diagnosed in Zaire (88% mortality rate) and 151 out of 284 in Sudan (at a killing rate of 53%). During the nearly four decades since those first outbreaks, little has been learned of the disease. The origin of the virus is believed to come from infected animals such as rats, monkeys and bats, all edible meat that are a main staple and part of many Africans’ diet. The so called bush meat can be a viral carrier. So humans remain at risk from animal to human transmission and of course now from human to human transmission, most often from exchange of bodily fluids.

There is no standard treatment (other than isolating the infected and quarantining those at risk). Nor is there yet an official vaccine, although Reuters just announced that as early as next month the US government will commence testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on humans after positive results were found on primates. It has been reported that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) infectious disease unit and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be running vaccine trials “as quickly as possible.”

This contagious, incurable, highly fatal disease along with the typical bleeding from the eyes has people around the world reacting in horror especially with this largest outbreak to date. Both the CDC and WHO have emphasized that there is no reason for panic as far more people die from the common flu every year than the less than 2000 people killed by Ebola since its African emergence nearly four decades ago. The total numbers show two out of three humans who have been diagnosed with the Ebola virus, die from it with 1,717 deaths recorded out of a total 2,586 cases thus far. In stark contrast, 500,000 people die annually from influenza and a total of nineteen million are believed to have succumbed from the flu.

That said, it is important to disseminate accurate information of what we have come to learn about Ebola. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada:

“ INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans.”

Canadian researchers separating pigs from monkeys by wired pens found that infected pigs transmitted the virus by air to the monkeys. Also the viral organism can survive outside the host for several days at normal room temperature, evidence that the virus can stay alive on door knobs and household surfaces and be contagious for a considerable length of time.

The increased near nonstop mainstream reporting about Ebola in recent weeks is undoubtedly in part government propaganda designed to frighten people as well as perhaps take some of the heat off its number one genocidal ally Israel. The security state typically exaggerates or fabricates crises after crises in order strengthen its control through fear tactics over the general population. It only solidifies the absolute authority and power of the police state. Add the media propensity to over sensationalize as a tool of state sponsored propaganda and sufficient excuse emerges to activate security forces to quell ensuing panic and disorder. That said, local citizens in all nations do need to stay informed of any real global danger if in fact an Ebola pandemic does break out in a neighborhood near you, whether by accident or by sinister government design.

Right in stride with the Ebola hype comes the signing of Obama’s latest executive order. “Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases” allows for the“apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases,” added to George Bush’s 2003 Executive Order 13295. This means that anyone with respiratory problems that might include bronchitis, COPD or pneumonia can potentially be rounded up at any time. This disinformation of protecting people under benign pretense is the deceptive bait by which the totalitarian police state closes in on its stranglehold of the American populace. Every week the government is ratcheting up conditions ripe for the next manufactured crisis on domestic soil that will ultimately pave the way for martial law and the FEMA roundups of American citizens. With these latest developments, we are one step closer.

Under CDC authority not just people with respiratory problems can be apprehended and detained against their will under the protocol of being quarantined. CDC asserts that any healthy American can be detained as well based on mere suspicion that he or she might have come into contact with an infected person. This loosening of the criteria for detaining individuals opens the floodgate for Big Brother to round up virtually anyone.

In other recent related news, along with people with respiratory problems, there is a current plan in place to soon be rounding up the homeless in Los Angeles and locking them up in FEMA concentration camps with implanted RFID chips. They will be baited with a promised meal. That famous poem by Martin Niemöller comes to mind about the passivity and denial of so many German citizens in response to the series of Nazi prewar mass roundups – “when they came for the homeless, I did not speak out because I was not homeless.” The Orwellian nightmare is officially underway.

Over the weekend Dr. Kent Brantly, the American doctor who contracted Ebola while treating patients in West Africa, arrived in Atlanta and under police escort was rushed off to the home of the CDC Emory University Hospital. Today another American medical worker Nancy Writebol came in on a separate flight and was wheeled into Emory Hospital. Their arrival marks the first Ebola cases on US soil. Both were given an experimental drug in Liberia that apparently is improving their condition. Last Thursday before given the drug the doctor stated he felt he was dying but had already gained enough strength to walk into the hospital in Atlanta on his own. The new drug is called ZMapp and was developed by the San Diego biotech firm Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. after showing promising signs treating monkeys infected with Ebola.

No doubt the US government is highly invested in Ebola for both potential Big Pharma profits developing a vaccine as well as for a potential “final solution” as a convenient biowarfare global population-killer. Speaking of profits, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, a company working on an anti-Ebola drug, just received a $1.5 million cash advance from another killer corporation Monsanto. In the past Tekmira was also awarded $140 million contract from the Department of Defense (formerly known more appropriately as the Department of War). In 2010 the CDC actually did acquire a patent on the strain that erupted in Uganda in 2007 that killed 39 out of 116 infected patients. The CDC patent owning that particular strain of Ebola from Uganda known as “EboBun” has the patent number CA2741523A1 and can be viewed here.

By filing for a patent on a product, in this case a highly lethal infectious disease, the US government is acquiring a governmentally enforced monopoly to exclusively profit from the “invention.” In the summary section of the EboBun patent, it stipulates that the US government in its patent ownership has complete legal control and ownership over all other strains of Ebola virus that share 70% and higher similarity. Thus, this deadly West African strain of Ebola will soon become the US government’s latest prize possession in biowarfare.

In bringing the two Ebola infected Americans back from West Africa to the CDC, in addition to optimizing their survival chance, the other all too obvious explanation is to harvest their Ebola cells for extraction that will then be used to patent the most deadly strain ever known to man. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Bob Arnot who worked on the ground in Africa with patients infected with Ebola virus recently went on television maintaining that “there is no medical reason to bring them here.” To make an exclusive claim of ownership of such a highly infectious disease stolen from the afflicted seems in and of itself invasively and exploitatively sinister. Of course it raises such red flag warnings and suspicion of how the virus might actually be used or more apt misused. Typically the government is quick to explore its military application as potentially the most powerful deadly biological weapon in the entire world.

Sierra Leone recently kicked out all US Ebola researchers from Tulane University and the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), a known center for biowar research headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Just prior to that event two weeks ago after three nurses died from the viral hemorrhagic fever, Sierra Leone nurses working in heavily infested Kenema district actually went on strike accusing the government’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation of mishandling the pandemic that is rapidly spreading. They complained that the medical workers caring for the ill are not properly protected and are suspicious that the American biowarfare team may be responsible for the recent surge in deaths. The Sierra Leone government then ordered the US bioweapons lab at Kenema to be moved due to the mounting anger of the local population blaming the Americans for infecting their citizens through their Ebola testing. Posted on the health ministry’s Facebook page is the conclusion that the diagnostic kits the US researchers have been using are fake and producing false results. It legitimately asks, “Have Tulane researchers done something to endanger public health?” Meanwhile, more people are becoming infected and dying there in that Sierra Leone district hospital than any other place on the planet.

Compounding the mystery, US mainstream media reported that the Sierra Leone leading doctor died from Ebola but the Minister of Health denied that claim. WHO is believed to be taking advantage of the crisis in medical services with pressure to deploy UN security forces in order to launch a massive vaccination (and possible infection) and quarantine campaign. In response, 700 soldiers from the Sierra Leone army have been deployed setting up roadblocks to help quarantine citizens, permitting only health personnel into the hardest hit areas. Troops in Liberia have also been sent to help contain the outbreak there.

The Minister also stated that all new confirmed cases will be admitted and treated at Kailahun Hospital, not trusting what has been occurring with the presence of the US biowarfare researchers at Kenema where rates of confirmed diagnosis have soared recently. Finally the Sierra Leone government is also demanding that the CDC send the biowar lab results to the African government for analysis, implicating that the US research group may be under investigation.

A doctor employed by the French charity organization Doctors Without Borders even stated that the locals’ perception that they will be killed in the Kenema hospital where the Americans have been conducting their research is “understandable,” given that the hospital has become the pandemic’s epicenter. Both the WHO and CDC documents admit that historically most of the Ebola victims have died at the Kenema hospital because of the questionable activities of medical staff. That sounds like an admission of guilt that the military biowarfare team instead of accurately diagnosing patients may have in fact contaminated them with the Ebola virus, possibly using the local Sierra Leone population as mere guinea pigs for their experimentation.

Back in 2009 Tulane University Ebola researchers received more than a $7 million dollar grant from NIH to fund the detection kits allegedly used in Sierra Leone. A 2007 Tulane University release entitled “New Test Moves Forward to Detect Bioterrorism Threats” boasts of an earlier $3.8 million NIH grant that led to early test trial success of “diagnostic test kits that will aid in bioterrorism defense against a deadly viral disease.” This document indicates that the Ebola biowarfare research team has been experimenting with its kits on Sierra Leone’s people for at least seven years before they were ultimately banished recently.

In another astonishing development, a rogue doctor with extensive experience treating Ebola victims, anonymously released what he calls a simple treatment for Ebola – massive amounts of Vitamin C. Similar but far more extreme than scurvy, the Ebola virus essentially drains the body of all Vitamin C, thus depriving oxygenated blood that bursts capillaries and triggers internal hemorrhaging that in effect causes victims to bleed to death. This Ebola specialist maintains that there is no need for a vaccine and warns against them, adding his opinion that the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was actually caused by that biowarfare research team. The doctor recommends a high dosage treatment of 500,000 mg of Vitamin C per day, emphasizing that it is not a cure but will boost the immune system giving it the strength to kill off the Ebola virus in the body.

What is most certain in all these developing stories is the rapid unfolding of global destabilizing events and developments, bogus accusations and boldface lies streaming forth everyday from the propaganda mills of mainstream media and the US government. But a closer examination of what is far more probable the actual truth indicates that so many of these simultaneous incidents are intimately related, and a mere connecting of dots spells an evil agenda promoting tighter control by a desperate security state that is now declaring war on all people who seek and speak the truth.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing.



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