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Dec 12, 2014



While you might think that Ebola has gone away – because it’s no longer reported in the mainstream – it is still raging in Western Africa.


It was widely reported after the Dallas Ebola case that the govt advised their media outlets to hush their Ebola reporting due to concerns of widespread panic among Americans. The media outlets promptly complied and we no longer hear about it.


Given the lack of reporting, one wonders how many people are actually quarantined here in the U.S. and elsewhere – possibly having returned from Western Africa or health care workers having worked in affected regions.


No news means it has gone away, right?

The number of weekly cases of Ebola are still increasing according to WHO statistics.


The case fatality rate across the three most-affected countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea) in all cases with a recorded definitive outcome is 72%. Hospitalized patient fatality rate is 60%. (WHO statistics)


As of DEC-3, WHO data indicates 17,145 reported cases of Ebola.


“We know the outbreak is still flaming strongly in western Sierra Leone…We can’t rest, we have to still push on,” said David Nabarro, the U.N. Special Envoy on Ebola ( The deadly virus is spreading especially in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown and Port Loko.


Is it still just a matter of time before yet another Ebola victim enters the United States – given our open-border policies? For all we know there may be other cases here – just not being reported – perhaps whisked away to a CDC hospital in Georgia. Because we’ve not heard about it in the mainstream, does that mean it has not happened, or is not happening? Just saying..


What’s going on with the thousands of National Guard troops sent to Africa? Have we heard anything about them? No, I haven’t… I did find out more about which units were sent though:


16th Engineer Brigade Headquarters, Ohio Army National Guard
223rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist Detachment), California Army National Guard
272nd Engineer Company (Vertical Construction), Texas Army National Guard
294th Area Support Medical Company, Iowa Army National Guard
891st Engineer Battalion, Kansas Army National Guard
96th Sustainment Brigade, Salt Lake City and Denver
313th Movement Control Battalion, Baltimore
324th Fire Fighting Detachment, East Point, Georgia
324th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Granite City, Illinois
329th Survey and Design Team, Saint Joseph, Minnesota
387th Medical Logistics Company, Miami
398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Rockville, Maryland
452nd Preventative Medicine Team, Miami
996th Horizontal Engineer Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B Company, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Columbus, Ohio


..there may be others
The Ebola interest in the United States is nearly a mirror image of the reporting that took place (which is now absent). The Google Trends graph shown above indicates just how influential the mainstream media really is for most people. Additionally, I have a suspicion (based on before and after web-searches) that Google may have ‘adjusted’ their search results for various ‘Ebola’ related search terms so as to favor the govt messaging that there’s nothing to be concerned about… If a tree falls in the forest when no one is around, does it make a noise?


The US Ebola crisis was encapsulated in a single month (actually mostly in just a few weeks), October 2014. But the thing is, there may be more Ebola cases to come in the United States (and/or elsewhere), brought here by travelers in airplanes or simply crossing our open borders. Perhaps returning volunteers.
Now is the time to yield some lessons from the short-lived Ebola “crisis” here in the U.S.


If it’s not in the news does not mean it’s not newsworthy.


If it’s not in the news does not mean something is not happening.


Just because there is no apparent immediate threat, does not mean that one should not be prepared for said threat.


Be skeptical of the news you read, see and hear, and also be skeptical of what you are NOT hearing.


Do your due-diligence to research beyond the alphabet-channel media outlets to diversify your discovery of the ‘truth’.
Ebola or some other deadly contagion could be here tomorrow for all we know.