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Nov 27, 2013

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To the Editor:

I encourage readers to write James Zehringer (Director, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, [email protected]) and Richard Simmers (Chief, ODNR Division of Oil and Gas, [email protected]) ASAP to urge them not to permit the K&H2 injection well near Torch (Athens County). Excerpts of my letter to them follow:

“…The magnitude 3.5 earthquake this week in Athens County is certainly a relevant new piece of information that warrants suspension of the permit for the new K&H well until a thorough seismic study is done.

“What if last week’s quake had occurred close to an injection well? Damage to the cement casing could easily have released toxic substances into aquifers that provide drinking water. Please don’t tell me that fracking “brine” is simply saltwater. We all know that fracking waste contains a large and variable spectrum of chemicals including known carcinogens such as benzene and toluene. The fact that a loophole exempts fracking waste from the laws that protect our water and air doesn’t make it any less dangerous to our health.

Not only could a repeat of this week’s earthquake near the K&H well site cause well failure, but the earthquake itself could be the result of injection well activity, as has been demonstrated in Youngstown and in other states. We can’t know for sure that the earthquake this week was caused by injection wells, but there are several active injection wells within 12 miles of the epicenter, and it would seem an extraordinary coincidence that the strongest quake in Athens County in more than a century, and one of the strongest in Ohio’s recorded history, happened to occur during a period of a few years that has seen a large increase in the high-pressure injection of fluids into deep rock strata.

I understand that the new K&H well combined with the existing well at that site would make that complex the largest such facility in the state in terms of the amount of waste it would receive (63 million gallons per year at the new well alone). We in Athens County don’t want our home to be the sacrifice zone for the gas and oil industry of Ohio and neighboring states. Would you want the K&H injection well complex near your home?

It is particularly infuriating that this well would receive vast amounts of toxic waste from other states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia that have more restrictive waste-disposal regulation because they are subject to U.S. EPA rather than ODNR. This does not benefit Ohio residents in any way. ODNR should be putting the health and safety of Ohio’s citizens above all other concerns, and both state and federal laws require that underground injection well programs protect drinking water. Permitting this well without a seismic survey will not do so.

Please copy (“cc”) your letter to [email protected] and [email protected] For more information visit

Philip Cantino