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Nov 18, 2014 Richford, The Examiner


A hospice patient who sensed a presence in her room captured this amazing image of an angel, reports Rather Freaky on Nov. 18. According to the report a female hospice patient who was close to passing over reported sensing a presence lurking in the dark areas of her room. The woman was given a camera to attempt to capture what she was sensing. She reportedly captured the glowing image of any angel.

Visions of angels and glimpses into the afterlife are common reports by those near death. Hospice workers who enter the field with skepticism often change their minds after hearing hundreds of eerily similar deathbed reports. According to Net Places: Evidence of the Afterlife deathbed experiences are consistent, regardless of the country of origin or religious background of the patient. In fact, there have been several reports from dying children who were surprised when spirits arrived without the fairytale wings, something these young patients could not have heard from someone else.

According to Trudy Harris, hospice worker and author of Glimpses of Heaven: A Hospice Worker Tells of End of Life Experiences, deathbed visions are common in her line of work. She further concludes that people know when they are about to die. She says,

“No one has to tell them they are dying. They have developed what I call ‘spiritual eyes and ears’ and seem to understand things in a way we cannot.”

Trudy says that when she first began working in hospice she thought deathbed visions were mere hallucinations brought on by the body’s reaction to the end of life. After 20 plus years of working in the field, she says she has heard the same stories over and over from the hundreds of patients she has cared for. The similarities in the stories have convinced Trudy Harris that deathbed visions are real.

Whether the photo of the angel by the deathbed patient is the real thing is unknown. But, according to those who have dedicated their lives to providing hospice care to the dying, it really isn’t that farfetched. Perhaps, catching an angel on film isn’t so hard after all, if you are in the right place at the right time.