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AIRED: 04-09-2020

Sarge opens the show by doing a compare and contrast between the allopathic and wholistic methods of medicine. Allopaths (M.D.s) are all about the ‘bug’ while Wholistic practitioners are all about supporting the body and its ability to fight disease NATURALLY! He looks into the FEAR factor being generated by the main stream media and the deliberate cover up of the liberal media to keep people from learning that we have a CURE to the COVID-19 virus in the form of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc! Sarge looks at other death statistics that show far more people die from the seasonal flu, suicides, type II Diabetes and many other causes, but none of those trigger a complete shut down of the economy! IT’S NOT ABOUT HEALTH, IT’S ABOUT CONTROL! Sarge takes a call from a nurse who isn’t seeing the numbers they’re talking about and has heard reports from ‘friends in the system’ who’ve seen orders to list all causes of death as ‘CORONA VIRUS DEATHS’!

Dr. Glidden’s documentary on dealing with COVID-19: https://riseupintohealth.com

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The first few segments of the show today are plagued with technical issues including some that were bad enough to force Sarge to reboot his computer and restart the show board! Once things were cleared up Sarge played a recording of Dr. Brian Ardis siting studies on how deadly Remdesivir is and that Ivermectin, is,...

AIRED: 10-07-2021

Sarge spends most of the show covering yet more deaths and injuries suffered by those who have been naive enough to just believe their lying doctors and talking heads on TV without doing any research on their own and just rolled up their sleeves and ‘took the jab.’ At this time it’s safe to say...

AIRED: 09-30-2021

Sarge spends the whole two hours highlighting the fact that hospitals are turning into Covid death camps. The Oath of “First Do No Harm” is being flushed down the toilet and protocols that are proven lethal are being forced on Covid positive patients regards of the patient or their advocate’s wishes. Sarge covers the story...

AIRED: 09-23-2021

Sarge opens the show by covering a story of a Detroit TV station who put out a request on its FaceBook page asking for accounts of families who had uninjected family members die of Covid, but what they got was over 180,000 responses of people who had lost friends and family to the Covid Injections!...

AIRED: 09-16-2021

Sarge opens the show by discussing the recent Rolling Stone article that demonized Ivermectin and anyone who used it for the treatment of Covid-19 even though there is ton’s of scientific evidence that points to the drug’s safety and efficacy in that use! Sarge plays media clips that show several media personalities doing their part...

AIRED: 09-09-2021

Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that New York has abolished religious exemptions for anyone in the ‘health care’ arena who are subject to that state’s unconstitutional Covid injection mandate. The discussion continues to discuss what’s happening in other countries like Australia who allowed themselves to be disarmed. Governments are doing whatever they...

AIRED: 09-02-2021