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AIRED: 06-04-2021

We are out of the gate with only 3 legs of this horse in play today. Lucas is partying hard at the in-laws, so we kick it OG style with Josh, Zack, and Walt for the first bit of this morning’s Ironworx. Then, out of the future, like a willy-willy, he arrives: The Half Package himself! LC is in and then back out again, a bit like Mercury in transit, but we hear a Special sneak preview of a song from episode 2 of the Flat Earth Variety Show. Exclusive for Iron Realm Media. LC King’s custom beat sung to by a flat earth group in Zimbabwe. An Aussie-Zimbabwe collab! Thanx Tommy, That Flat Fellow!

–Josh show’s off his (future) collector’s item: an early misprinted copy of Alan Holman’s Banana Chan Book! (See link below!)

–Kevlar calls in! Winner winner FE dinner!! He gets an app! His folks get an app!! Everyone (hopefully!) will eventually have Dave Wiess’s FE Clock app!! We are giving them out, so stay tuned!

–Is our Sun ACTUALLY a Star?

–Let’s all splash some simulated dust on ourselves to wash…no, wait, let’s stand under the shower head full blast to dry off, er, ummmm, yeeeaaahhhhh…

–China. Sun. Artificial. Reactor. Reaction. Pfft.


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