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AIRED: 04-29-2020

I go over the “contact tracing” technology that is being talked about as a way to restart economies around the world & talk about how this all ties in with the “new normal” that we are now rapidly moving into. On top of that theres an AI that is mining data from various sources to predict the next big outbreak before it even happens!

In the second part of the show i go over the History Channel’s “The Secrets Of Skinwalker Ranch” & look at the history that surrounds on of the most mysterious locations on the planet

Phones are open with lots of great information & questions from the audience

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AIRED: 05-27-2020

(The host has not yet entered a description for this archive)...

AIRED: 05-26-2020

Author & host of the podcast “Macro Aggressions”, Charlie Robinson, joins me to go over all the latest regarding the COVID19 pandemic & everything that is coming our way because of it. Charlie talks about how the governments around the world, as they typically do, are not going to let this “crisis” go to waste....

AIRED: 05-25-2020

Its the last KBS of the week & we go out in stlye with more news coming out around the subject of pilots encountering unknown flying objects. This time we have the docements, literally, of 8 near misses/sightings that have been released through Freedom Of Infromation requests to The Drive via the Pentagon. Just what...

AIRED: 05-21-2020

Welcome back to another KBS & this time out I go over a fantastic article from Zero Hedge that lays out 10 steps you need to talk to turn an unseen enemy, eg virus, into a massive power grab that will lead to total control of the world population. Then I go over something very...

AIRED: 05-20-2020

Today in the first segment of the show i go over a document that comes from the Institute For Government, a major think tank out of the UK that helps to form & shape public policy for government. In the ‘MINDSPACE’ document we get an inside look at how governments can shift the behavious and...

AIRED: 05-19-2020