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AIRED: 11-21-2019

Sarge spends pretty much the entire show discussing a rather strange and miraculous situation involving a man who had cancer, was sent home to die and through a series of strange occurrences ended up curing his own cancer with a dog wormer called fenbendazone! Here’s the basics: Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Joe was told he had about 3 months to live. A veterinarian friend of his in western Oklahoma called him and told him about a cancer research experiment he had learned about in which a dog-deworming medicine had cured cancer in the experimental mice… and when the researcher developed cancer, she used the same medicine on herself and her glioblastoma was gone in about 12 weeks.
With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Joe ordered the veterinary product, Fenbendazole, and began taking it. He added a few other things to his regimen such as curcumin and Vitamin E, now known as the “Joe Tippens Protocol”. Three and a half months later, he went in for a scan and he was totally clear!
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