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AIRED: 03-09-2019

As we witness the seeming deterioration of social, political educational and environmental support systems, it is easy to be triggered. The energy of NOW can call forth greater Authenticity or it can trigger reactivity. Does your voice offer positivity or pain?

Does an ascended perspective offer support for the transition that is upon society or is it a dissociative escape? It is important to explore and find the harmony between living an authentic life that expresses our passions into the world versus allowing the outer world to define our emotional identity.

Join Sri & Kira in this controversial conversation as they explore the challenges and opportunities of this shared moment!


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The post April 16 world experience has taken us to the brink of who we are, what we stand for & how we express! This affects EVERYTHING!May CORE issues will be the greatest challenge or the greatest asset…either way you will arise from this moment into the Ascended Presence of June. What happens after we...

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