Feb 05, 2014

marinette-wisconsin-students-middle-school-game-crossing-line-cross-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to FOX11 in Marinette, Wisconsin, almost a dozen parents – and thousands of them nationwide – are in an uproar over a “game” their children played at Marinette Middle School.

“This kind of stuff, I mean, this can’t happen again. These are our little kids. We’re parents. We should’ve been protecting them. You should’ve gave us the benefit of the doubt of contacting us,” said Saunier, mother of 7th grade student.

Last Wednesday, 5th-8th grade students played a game called “Cross the Line”…which does just that.

The children were asked very personal questions such as:

Do your parents drink?

Do you cut yourself?
Has anyone in your family been to jail?
Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
Do you or your parents do drugs?

Even though the principal and the district superintendent refused to answer questions on camera, they put out a written statement, with the principal saying that participation was not required and the students had a chance to opt out ; However, the students told their parents that they were told that if they didn’t participate, they’d get in-school suspension.

Sarah Maitland was one of the students who played the game.

“She asked if you ever wanted to commit suicide to step forward and then after that she asked if you ever experienced or wanted to cut, to step forward,” said Maitland.

The hilarious thing: the activity is “part of a bullying prevention program”! They were also asked to come forward if they answered yes to any of the questions, meaning bullies across the school were handed ammo to use against their victims on a silver platter.

Some of the parents met with the superintendent, as well as the principal and the assistant principal 2 days after the first complaints, to express their concerns with the “game”.

“They basically told us that all the students were lying…all the students got together and planned it out and if they weren’t lying, it was all misperceptions. They didn’t specifically say do your parents do drugs,” said Amanda Fifarek, mother of 7th grade student.

School administrators said, “The intent of the activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students.”

Like we mentioned earlier, however, the parents think it’s going to make it easier for the bullies. The school might as well have emailed the bullies a list of things they’re afraid of. If my classmates knew about my my mom being an alcoholic or that I cut myself or had thoughts of committing suicide, the meaner of them would have had a total field day with it!

“It was too personal. It’s just things your kids don’t need to be disclosing to other kids,” Fifarek said.

That same day, the school sent students home with a letter “explaining more” about the game and why it had been used in the first place, but the parents say, “Um, yeah, we know why you did it! Now, start talking about what you can do to make sure this never happens again!” The parents want to know why they weren’t told about it, and may also be wondering what else the government-funded schools are doing behind their backs.

The school says if there’s another such activity, it will let parents know ahead of time.

What I want to know is why the school district signed off on something so heinous and privacy-invading, regardless of the motivation behind doing it?