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AIRED: 08-04-2020

First, SOMEHOW, we didn’t even mention last Friday’s AMAZING Have No Sphere show on YT. Best. Show. Ever. I say that a lot about our shows, and we went into it with no plan, no guest…no clue. Please go see it…see how a show with no plan can become the BEST show! Link below. (Hint: Phuket Word) (Ok, another hint: James True) (One more: our co-host on the FIRST Ironworx Aussie Rob!!) (LAST one: new friend Lana!!) Today, we rambled, we talked with Nuka Cola and friend, sorta, we played some Cyndi, we played Shyanne, we ranted about logic, lack of logic, we had weird shit happen on Skype, a LOT.

–Then Forbes told us we were idiots for EVER thinking we could do our OWN thinking. Who’da thunk it??


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