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Jun 17, 2014

pleiades2By Golden Starchild, Paranormics

Pleiades Aliens, or Nordic Aliens are alien beings from the star cluster Pleiades in the constellation Taurus. They have been described by many as humanoid, very tall in stature with light blond hair and an exceptionally fair skin tone.

Various theorists have claimed that the Pleiades aliens and humans share a common ancestor, but no evidence of this has ever been discovered until now. Due to the aliens exceptionally fair appearance and above average height, the Northern European races, particularly the Scandinavians have long been hypothesized to be the closest hybrid race of humans and Pleiades aliens.

The recent discovery of the 3,600 year old Nebra Sky Disk in Germany which provides a clear star map to the Pleiades star system has once again fueled many debates that the Nordics do share a common ancestor with the Pleiades aliens. Why would they have a detailed star map of the Pleiades?

How did DNA testing recently find out about Pleiades aliens and humans having a common ancestor?

Modern DNA technology has been able to trace the ancestry of all humans through DNA testing . All humans share common DNA markers or “traits”, that allow geneticists to trace your ethnic groups. Even if you are of one pure nationality you will have some overlapping DNA markers of other ethnic groups to varying degrees, after all we are all humans – or are we?

Understanding Haplogroups: Haplogroups relate to our deep ancestry. Deep ancestry is not traditional genealogy: it is not for tracing family or confirming family linkages. Deep ancestry is a look at our ancient ancestral roots from tens of thousands of years ago and shows how all people living today are connected to an ancient ancestor who lived in Africa over 100,000 years ago.

The World Genographic Project has been testing haplogroups worldwide and until recently has had no cause for alarm, until it was discovered that between 4000 – 6000 years ago a small group of extremely unusual DNA was introduced into the population of Denmark. Geneticists have named it “Haplogroup I1” and have no idea where it came from. It only appears in the Nordic races and to small degrees in countries that have been invaded by Nordics, such as England and Ireland. No other group of people on the planet Earth have this DNA unless they have come in contact with Nordic peoples. It is the root cause for the Nordic appearance. All other Europeans and most humans have R, R1a, or R1b haplogroups.

Here is a map of Haplogroup I1 percentages in the Global distribution

L1 distribution

It is suggested that Nordic people have alien ancestors,  they do have a large amount of distinctive DNA that is without explanation and is not found any where else. They resemble Pleiades aliens and appear to have been hybridized by the advanced Pleiades aliens in our ancient past.

Consider other Nordic anomalies:

  • They can tolerate extreme climates that other humans cannot
  • Exceptionally physical people, often displaying great strength
  • They look completely different than any other Europeans
  • 95% atheist, have no belief in a god system
  • Extremely intelligent, scientific, with a virtual 100% literacy rate
  • Were able to sail around the globe using the stars as guides – from memory!
  • Able to speak multiple Earth languages
  • Unable to be directly exposed to our Earth’s sun without burning, suggesting they did not evolve on Earth.