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Aug 14, 2014

Heather Callaghan

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DEET is a heavy-duty toxin to be spraying on clothes and especially highly absorbable skin. Not all natural skin repellent combos work to keep mosquito bites at bay. Mesh curtains, candles, bug lights – all of the above – offer minimal protection against mosquito bites.

While some people don’t like the idea of decimating a bunch of bugs – even pests – mosquitoes aren’t just “pests” anymore, leaving behind a swollen thank-you bump for your generous blood donation. Not only are they out of control with changing weather patterns, they are legions of little carriers for diseases like chikungunya virus, dengue, lyme and more. What are the implications of the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes into the wild? We’ll never know.

At any rate, you can safely collect them and keep them from your family, friends and pets without needing a biochem suit.

Dan Rojas of Green Power Science demonstrates how you too can create your own powerful mosquito trap that puts all store bought methods to shame. In other words, he built the better mousetrap and offers this information freely.

You will need:


While still stuck to the fan, the mosquitoes are to be sprayed with a rubbing alcohol water mixture. They can be collected to be laid out to feed reptiles and frogs. He says it evaporates, and the insect-eating animals devour everything but the little legs. The circle of life.

Head over to the video description or his website to see the solar powered option, more instructions, important safety tips and other backyard science projects for more self-sufficient living.

Photo by: greenpowerscience

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