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AIRED: 08-23-2018

In the last installment of our 4 part series, we continue examining the different soul groups by taking a look at the “multi-expressional” soul group”. These are souls that have always embodied many expressions of light and seek to incorporate all expressions. These souls have a built in desire to integrate all of their experiences with as many as possible. It’s their way of bringing all experiences back to the Divine. This group often embraces polyamory and may be challenged to stay in a committed relationship for long. They love to exchange energy, and are best suited to be in partnership with each other, or a fully realized Omni.

All during the show our beloved Kira offered inspired Soul Mirror Readings for 4 of our beautiful callers and you always have the opportunity to receive these as well by calling 213-233-3998 and getting in the que before and during the show. We also normally read at least one email on the air and addressing it but by the time we realized it, our precious time with you was gone! Your emails are very important to us and we invite you to send your comments or questions to [email protected] and we just may be reading YOUR important question on the air!

Thank you for honoring us with your presence and WE LOVE YOU!

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