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Aug 27, 2015

August 21, 2015  douglassreport

For all my gripes about modern medicine, there’s no denying we’ve come a long way over the years. But there’s one branch of medicine where we’re still firmly stuck in the Dark Ages.



Centuries ago, doctors used mercury as “medicine” for conditions such as syphilis and typhoid — until they realized they were actually poisoning their patients.

But dentists never got the message.

Today, they’re STILL filling mouths with mercury. If you have any “silver” (aka amalgam) fillings yourself, what you really have is a filling that is roughly HALF mercury.


Now, a new report finds the FDA was about to urge dentists to avoid using mercury in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children as well as folks with kidney disease, neurological problems and sensitivities to mercury.

The feds were even ready to urge dentists to reconsider mercury in everyone else in the proposed 2011 warning, too.

But when those hacks at the Department of Health and Human Services Administration caught wind of the warning, they threw a hissy fit and put the kibosh on the whole thing, according to the McClatchy news agency.

And you’re not going to believe the reason.

It’s not because of some new evidence that mercury is safe. It’s STILL one of the most powerful neurotoxins on the planet.

No, it’s because of political correctness!

I’ve often said the PC movement is poisonous. And now, we have a case where the PC Police are LITERALLY poisoning Americans.

See, HHS claims the warning would be UNFAIR to low-income Americans, who might not be able to afford the out-of-pocket costs of safer fillings, which can cost an extra $100.

And since they can’t afford it, NO ONE should be warned about the risk.

Forget about what’s PC. It’s time to take action to save yourself, because mercury fillings can slowly break down in your mouth and then enter your body (especially if you grind your teeth), where they can damage your vital organs.

Mercury — and specifically mercury from fillings — has been linked to everything from autoimmune disease to kidney problems to dementia and more.

If you have a dentist who still uses mercury — which he will call either amalgam or silver — it’s time to find a new dentist. Members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology not only pledge to use mercury-free fillings, but can also safely replace the fillings you already have.

Find a dentist near you by using the search function on the organization’s website.

Luckee’s Note:

Do not be fooled by the term Mechanical Filling.  Dentists will use that term to avoid discussion of mercury. Composite fillings are far superior as they merely fill the hole after the dentist burrs out the decayed tissue, then hardens without further compromising the tooth’s structure or strength. The composite hardens and does not provide room for further decay as mechanical fillings do.   In mechanical fillings however, the hole drilled in the tooth is in excess of the decayed matter and in the shape so that mechanically the amalgam cannot fall out.  This is a deplorable method to dental health for many reasons.  First, for the reasons as stated above. Secondly, the removal of healthy tooth tissue for the purposes of using a poisonous substance defies logic and good health.  Thirdly, the force used to mechanically fill the tooth causes trauma to the tooth and oftentimes causes breakage of the otherwise healthy tooth. Fourthly, the mechanical filling does not actually fill the cavity. The mechanical filling when exposed to hot or cold expands and contracts, giving room for new bacteria to grow, causing more decay. 


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