Earth Changes and NASA Anomolies – w/ John Dinardo, Sheldon Day, Donny Gillson & Rob Polonsky >>


AIRED: 12-03-2011

Another jam packed show for you guys! In the first hour we welcome regular contributor Rob Polonsky. In the 2nd hour we are joined by John Dinardo and Sheldon Day of The Light Of Day Radio Show to discuss Planet X and Earth Changes. And Donny Gillson makes a last minute guest appearance in the last hour to further discuss the black dot anomaly recorded in video footage and ask the question, “why did that black dot (which is supposedly to be a camera effect), start flying around and land behind the mountain?”

NOTE: we experienced some technical difficulties with the volume of the guests phones however we fixed everything for the archive!


(length: 4 hours, 20 minutes – commercial free)


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