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Jul 25, 2014

(Before It’s News)

Second Sun (Nibiru) Mawson Station Antarctic 07/21/2014  ( Video )

“When you are constantly moving forward, searching for the cutting edge, everyone behind you always believes you have gone too far. The further back from the cutting edge they are,

the more extreme and, indeed, insane, you appear, to them, to be.

In this way, one person’s “madness” can be another’s commonsense.”


“The truth, always the truth–at all costs”


I will strive to give you perspectives on the news that you will rarely receive from other sources. At times, there will be eye-witness reports from troubled areas, at other times, there will be documentary,interviews and other interesting works.


I am committed to providing information by posting/archiving videos, articles, and links. I also investigate to raise awareness on numerous issues, inspire critical thinking, involvement, and hopefully to help make our world a better place for all.



According to this newly published report, this report states





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