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Chris Geo
Sep 23, 2013

From time to time it’s important to take a break from geo-political news and simply enjoy life. One of my guilty pleasures is the Showtime series Dexter. For those who don’t know, Dexter is a “good guy” serial killer with a need to kill which he calls his dark passenger. Unlike other serial killers, Dexter channels his need to kill through a strict code, only killing people who have committed murder themselves. His dark wit and ability to change from loving father to cold blooded killer makes him a very likable character.

A few seasons ago Dexter meets his twin-flame, Hannah McKay who is also a murderer but also the only person to ever tell Dexter that his urge to kill isn’t an uncontrollable compulsion but rather a choice he can make. Hannah only kills out of necessity and self preservation where as up until the point where Dexter met Hannah he killed out of a need to “open the flood gates” and “relieve the pressure” building in his head.

Being in a twin flame relationship myself, I rooted for a happy ending contrary to many who were hoping Dexter finally gets what he deserves.  The character played by Michael C Hall was so perfectly balanced between good and evil that people seem to draw and project their own self into the character. Naturally, I projected and drew upon the twin flame energy between himself and Hannah and as a person who has gone through many significant changes in my life, I also enjoyed watching his transformation from “monster” to “human” (although my ‘transformation’ was simply one of service of self to service of others, as opposed to someone like Dexter who transformed from sociopath to human).  But the point is that despite the extreme polarization in Dexter, we can all relate to a certain form of transformation which makes the character very likable.

The last season was probably the worst season but in the end it all had a purpose despite the fact that the 11 hours of plot lines were easily wrapped up in 2 or 3 hours. The Series Finale “Remembering the Monsters” left me on the edge of my seat but for all of the wrong reasons and failed miserably at the end.

As the last few episodes unfolded, I sat with my head in my hands disappointed at all of the poor choices Dexter made and his inability to let go of his urge to kill. He had Hannah and Harrison (his son) waiting to leave Miami for good but his urge to kill Saxon was so overwhelming that is cost him the life of his sister Deborah. Given this fact, I can see why the writers chose to end the series the way they did with Dexter, the former expert blood splatter analyst faking his death then living in a self induced prison through a life of solitude as a lumberjack.

In the end,  the fates of Dexter, Hannah and Harrison are left to the viewer to decide in their own mind. In my mind, Dexter snaps out of his self pity, re-unites with his twin flame and through the twin flame light his dark passenger is defeated.

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