Sep 09, 2013

The Whole Globe Just Became A Giant Killing Field

Developing Countries

Malaria, dengue, and other endemic diseases in developing countries are nothing new ; Cholera outbreaks after the earthquake in Haiti and MERS in Saudi Arabia just in time for the yearly trek to Mecca, on the other hand, are something else entirely.

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti:

In October 2010, cholera appeared in Haiti for the first time in nearly a century. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, formed an independent panel to “investigate and seek to determine the source of the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti.” To fulfill this mandate, the panel conducted concurrent epidemiological, water and sanitation, and molecular analysis investigations. The May 2011 findings of the independent panel indicated the 2010 Haiti cholera outbreak was caused by bacteria introduced into Haiti as a result of human activity— more specifically by the contamination of the Meye Tributary System of the Artibonite River with a pathogenic strain of the current South Asian type Vibrio cholerae.

Although it was proven that the UN was responsible for bringing cholera to Haiti during relief efforts, they still refused to compensate the thousands of victims.

Brian Concannon, the institute’s director, said that after 15 months, the rejection was a single sentence, based on the world organization’s immunity, which said the claims are “not receivable” because they concern “a review of political and policy matters.”

“Our case is about the U.N. dumping contaminated sewage in Haiti’s waters that has caused thousands of deaths,” he said. “Under this definition, any harm that the U.N. does to anybody would be a matter of policy.”

The citizens of Haiti even went so far as to accuse 12 neighbors of “black magic”, execute them, and burn their bodies in the middle of the street. This may have been a lawless overreaction to the biowarfare attack, and they may have fallen for the “divide-and-conquer” strategy by blaming their neighbors instead of the UN, but it shows that the outbreak was indeed intentional.

Up to 12 people accused of using “black magic” to infect others have been murdered as a result of the week-long witch hunt, with new cases being reported daily.

Local officials reported that six suspected witches in the town of Chambellan were stoned or hacked to death, a fate that an additional three people met in the city of Jeremie.

Prosecutor Kesner Numa told Agence France-Presse that the victims were believed to have planted “a substance that spreads the disease” throughout the population.

“Their corpses were burned in the streets.”

(To be continued…)