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AIRED: 12-06-2022

Quote of the day goes exactly like, this one thing. Song lyrics actually. I’m not gonna sing it. “Come and take a trip in my rocketship, we’ll have a lovely afternoon. Kiss the world goodbye, and away we’ll fly. Destination moon.” – From the song, of the same name ‘Destination Moon’ sung by Dinah Wannashington, and a few others, in 1951 — after the movie of the name ‘Destination Moon’ which I highly recommend you rent for 99¢ from Amazon. It will show you what people thought the moon was gonna be like in 1950.
Remember NASA was not even formed until 8 years later, very intristing. I, what I loved they had stars everywhere. Starts stars stars — where, wherever you could see. Really really great.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery has been watching the great Artemis One video. Ah, yes we have finally traveled back to the moon with satate-of-the-art high tech equipment. But it looked better in the 70’s?


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